From Two to One to None, by Eric Peters

San Diego rages war on driving. From Eric Peters at

One of the ways cars – and driving – are being attacked is via reducing roads. If there’s no place to drive, then you can’t drive.

The latest, most brazen manifestation  of this “road dieting,” as it is styled, can be seen in San Diego, where what had been two lanes – one in each direction – is now just one. For traffic going both directions. The lane formerly devoted to traffic coming (adjacent to traffic going) has been “repurposed” into more lanes for . . . bicycles.

Which now have lanes going either way.

This was done by fiat – by the way. No notice, no public hearings. The public simply woke one day to discover that what had been two lanes – for cars – had been reduced to one. As part of what is styled an “experiment” with “Climate Change Initiatives.”

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