One honest, courageous public health official could end the false narrative almost instantly, by Steve Kirsch

The false narrative has been exposed, but there are still millions who believe it. From Steve Kirsch at

All they would have to do is simply request a few documents from the CDC. The CDC won’t be able to provide any of the documents, but they would have no excuse for not supporting their request.

Common mistakes and pitfalls in responses to Requests for Production of  Documents

A single honest, but courageous public health official could put an end to the false narrative insanity and prove to the world that the emperor has no clothes just by making a few document requests of the CDC.

Here are some suggestions that would expose the fraud, but this is not a complete list. I just want to show how easy it would be for someone like Florida’s Surgeon General Joe Ladapo or Maui’s Lorrin Pang to end the deception.

Pang had the courage to speak the truth about ivermectin and HCQ (two drugs that we know for sure work) and was recently cleared of all charges. Now that’s he’s cleared that hurdle, perhaps he’s willing to take the next step and ask for these four documents.

Can you imagine what would happen to him next? Maui regulators would charge Pang with asking the CDC for evidence backing their decisions. Surely, that has to be a criminal offense in Maui, isn’t it?

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