Intelligently Assisted, by Eric Peters

When the government is playing the game, what starts as a gentle nudge almost always turns into compulsion. Remember the “suggestion” to wear a mask? New cars in America are still only “suggesting” that you obey speed limits, but in Europe they’re mandating it; the driver can’t do anything about it. From Eric Peters at

Well, it’s no longer just “assistance.”

As in Intelligent Speed Limit Assist. Which is now something more. And every new car comes equipped with it.

Or soon will.

The “technology” – as these things are styled – was introduced, predictably, as a gentle reminder; you’re driving faster than whatever the posted limits says you may. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention. You are doing 60 in a 55 and so susceptible to being “pulled over” – that is, forced to stop by the threat of murderous violence if you do not – and then issued a “ticket,” the insipid-sounding euphemism given to the extortion-demand note handed to you by the armed government worker (AGW) who “pulled you over.”

A little speed limit icon in the car’s instrument cluster – made to look like a little speed limit road sign – flashes red . . .  to “assist” you. To let you know you are “speeding” – the term used by AGWs to justify the “pulling over” and handing-over of the extortion-demand note.

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