Masha and Mishka, by Declan Hayes

A little girl and a friendly bear pose a dire threat to democracy and the Western way of life. From Declan Hayes at

The aim of children’s entertainment, it seems, should be to engender eternal hatred of all NATO’s enemies and Masha and Mishka must be no exception to that.

Once upon a time, in a country far, far away, there lived in a big, big forest a little girl called Masha, who loved to act the maggot all day long. Her best friend was Mishka, a big brown bear who lived in a cave in the forest. Masha had a cousin called Dasha, who played with them and the penguin who lived with Mishka and Mishka’s cousin, a cute panda bear from far away China. Rosie the pig, the two wolves who lived in the abandoned ambulance and many other ducks, squirrels, hares and tigers also liked to join in the fun.

It was such a very happy forest with such very happy little girls and boys who played with these happy animals, that all the boys and girls of that country far, far away liked to hear all about their funny adventures. Recipe for Disaster, one of their cutest adventures, has been watched millions of times on youtube and some 4.5 billion times in Masha’s native language, thus making it youtube’s tenth most viewed video of all time and the most viewed video on youtube that is not a music video.

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2 responses to “Masha and Mishka, by Declan Hayes

  1. The website hasn’t been accessible for some time now. Someone else posted the same concern last week on another SC article you posted. How are you accessing it?


    • I had trouble a few times last week accessing the site but have had no problems recently. I’m sure it’s related to the site’s link to Russia. I’m sorry to hear other people are having trouble accessing the site, because it has some first rate articles. As long as I can access those articles I’ll keep posting them and hope for the best. The insanity continues.


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