Diaper Report: 5/7/22, by Eric Peters

The democrats are in trouble and they’ve got their fingers crossed hoping that they can use distraction and rally-around-the-flag in Ukraine to spare themselves from electoral disaster this fall. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There hasn’t been all that much to report, lately, as far as Face Diapers – beyond the sad fact that about a fourth to a third of the general population continue to wear them even though they are no longer made to wear them. These constitute the probably permanently crippled – by the one-two punch to the guts of their own insouciance (as regards the exercise of due diligence) and the juggernaut of non-stop mind-controlling by what is styled the “media” and its “coverage” of the “pandemic.” The latter an almost-wholly confected concatenation of willful exaggerations designed to weaponize people’s desire to avoid death into a pathologically hypochondriacal fear of death.

It worked alarmingly well.

So well, in fact, that millions of people – in the aggregate – continue to wear the absurd but also much worse than that “mask” over their faces, conveying to all who see them the fact that they are a dangerous latent mob of hysterics who can and probably will be mobilized when the people who gave us “pandemic” the first roll out “pandemic” the next.

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One response to “Diaper Report: 5/7/22, by Eric Peters

  1. I have the antidote to these mask wearing phucknuts. Bring em on.

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