The News Is Designed To Break Your Will, by Paul Rosenberg

Propaganda eventually buries most people. From Paul Rosenberg at

More or less every adult knows there are serious problems with “the news,” by which I refer to the alphabet soup of news organizations plus fact-checked social media. Most of them, however, are smallish things; legitimately bad, but not the central issue.

What matters most about the news is that it’s designed… structured… to soften and break human will. All else pales compared to this.

This “breaking of will” turns on a single fact: That acts of will require you to expend energy. Every time you see a lie and say, “I don’t think so,” you have to expend energy… energy you could have used for other things. And if the people around you believe the lie, the energy required to maintain your will shoots sky-high.

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4 responses to “The News Is Designed To Break Your Will, by Paul Rosenberg

  1. This is hi-jacking our social programming. People are like dogs, not cats. If most people were like cats, these tactics would fail.


  2. Self-sufficient, territorial, brave, eccentric individualists – how I wish people were more like cats. (No sense of humour though, but nobody’s perfect).


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