Kiev Regime Admits Grain of Truth in Global Food Crisis, by Karl Haki

The grain of truth is that Ukraine is saying that perhaps, just maybe, they put down mines in the Black Sea. From Karl Haki at

A regime that commits massacres against its own people as a propaganda device to smear Russia is not going to own up to anything.

The NATO-backed Kiev regime has admitted to blockading its own Black Sea ports by mining the sea lanes for cargo ships exporting vital supplies of wheat and other food staples.

The disruption of civilian shipping – a putative war crime – has unleashed fears of a global food crisis from soaring price inflation and critical shortages of wheat and other grains. Ukraine and Russia account for about one-third of the global supply of cereals.

Of course, Western governments and media have repeatedly blamed Russia and its four-month-old military intervention in Ukraine for wreaking havoc on global food markets. Washington and its European allies have accused Moscow of holding the world hostage to fears of famine and using global food supplies as “blackmail”.

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One response to “Kiev Regime Admits Grain of Truth in Global Food Crisis, by Karl Haki

  1. I’m guessing ol’ Karl is not a naval wizard but does Walter Duranty quite well. I will admit to supporting Ukraine in it’s struggle.


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