Redefinitions Rebuked, by Eric Peters

We may have to go back to the New Deal to find a Supreme Court ruling that reigned in bureaucratic tyranny, but here we are this week with a ruling that did just that. From Eric Peters at

Oh, the humanity!

Well, if only the Left were merely weepy – as opposed to rabid – whenever it meets with disagreement.

Most especially, official disagreement.

This just happened – on Thursday morning – when one of the last of this session’s Supreme Court decisions was published in the case of West Virginia v. EPA.  It had to do with whether the federal regulatory apparat – specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency (as these apparats are blandly, deceptively styled) is authorized by law to “regulate” the dread inert gas, carbon dioxide, by redefining it.    

Back in 1970 – thanks to Republican President Richard Nixon, who was the same Republican who saddled this country with the precursor of Obamacare via HMOs, a subject for another day – a new apparat/agency was hey, presto’d into existence. It has plagued us, ever since.

In 1970, a new law was passed – at the behest of Republicans (again) who crawl over each other to show Democrats just how much they agree with them –  that endowed the new EPA with mighty (and mightily general) power to “regulate,” among other things, “emissions.” 

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