Taxation With Representation, by Eric Peters

Being able to vote for your unfreedom doesn’t make you any less unfree. From Eric Peters at

Today, Americans celebrate their independence – from what, exactly?

From Great Britain? Why should that be cause for celebration? What have Americans gained thereby?

Was it “taxation” – with “representation”? Is this in fact the case? And if so, can it be accounted an improvement?

The fundamental thing is this business of taxation. Everyone knows what it means – the obligatory handing over (one isn’t “paying”) of money, unwillingly, to be used to finance things the person made to hand over the money almost certainly does not wish to finance. Hence the necessary element of threats – of physical violence – leveled and implicit in every tax, to coerce the handing over.

In other words, strong-arm robbery – as distinct from mere theft, which is a lesser thing because it is generally done without overt violence or threats thereof. The thief steals in the manner of an opportunistic fox, who sees that the henhouse is open. It would be robbery rather than mere theft if the fox – armed with a gun – sent you a letter declaring that you “owed” him a chicken and had better deliver it to him by such-and-such a date. 

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