What is the Basis for Forced Sterilization, Chemtrails, Fluoridated Water, and Vaccinations, by Dan Boys, Ph.D.

Governments have a lot of different ways of messing with your body and your bodily autonomy, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. From Dan Boys, Ph.D. at theburningplatform.com:

If a state chooses to make sterilization a requirement to receive welfare, that is their right, but to force mutilation on persons because they are deformed, or demented, or diseased, or deaf, or dumb is contemptible, criminal, and crazy.

How would you respond to a proposed law that would give the states authority to force women to be sterilized if they were promiscuous or poor? Or men could be forced to have a vasectomy if they were prisoners or inmates in an institution? No doubt, sane, sensitive people would be horrified and respond, “That could never happen in America.”

But it could and did happen in America decades ago! From the 1890s to 1920, America was the first nation to perform compulsory sterilizations with one purpose of saving money. While it is only prudent to plan for the future to guarantee a nation will continue to meet its financial obligations, only a scientist or politician with a Frankenstein compulsion would mutilate a human for life to save money. Well, how about doing it to clean up the gene pool? If doing harm to a relative few individuals would save millions of lives in the future, what’s to criticize?

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