Real Value, by Robert Gore

Form-Oil Sprayer Prototype

And now for something completely different.

Is it still possible for a business to make money the old-fashioned way, by offering superior products at competitive prices? On my day job, I’m the CEO of fouRy, Inc., or 4Ry. Our company has turned the quantum discoveries of Dr. Arnold Kelly into spraying technologies that not only improve the efficiency and economics of a variety of spray applications, but also reduce environmental and health risks.

Dr. Arnold Kelly

The StartEngine online equity crowdfunding platform allows individuals an opportunity to invest in 4Ry and Dr. Kelly’s revolutionary technologies ( Dr. Kelly received his Ph.D. from Cal Tech and was a full professor at Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He has devoted much of his career to developing Charge Injected Precision Spraying™, or ChIPS™. His patented technology injects negative electric charge into a fluid before it leaves the nozzle, the Spray Triode Atomizer™. The like-charged droplets repel each other, so the spray provides its own propulsion. No mechanical assistance or external air pressure is necessary

ChIPS has a low power requirement but puts out a high-powered spray. The charged droplets seek the grounded target, much the same way lightning seeks the earth, the ultimate ground. The spray quickly coats the entire target, including irregular surfaces. ChIPS minimizes aerosol drift and over-spray, which economizes on the fluid used. It also reduces worker safety risks and soil and groundwater contamination. ChIPS offers clear-cut economic and environmental benefits in a variety of spraying applications.

Charging fluid droplets opens up other doors. Independent third-party testing has established that charge-injected distilled water droplets from 4Ry’s prototype sprayer will kill bacteria. Imagine turning distilled water into a disinfectant. Further work is necessary to determine the full range of charged water applications and its lethality to other microorganisms such as viruses and spores, but we are excited by the possibilities.

4Ry Distilled Water Sprayer Prototype

4Ry has operated on a financial shoestring for the last six years as we moved Dr. Kelly’s technologies from laboratory to prototypes. Now we’re ready for the next stage—commercialization. This will require greater funding. A Regulation Crowdfunding, or CF, exemption has been created in U.S. securities laws that allows investors to invest in newer businesses seeking capital, without the red tape and accredited investor net-worth requirements of traditional Initial Public Offerings.

StartEngine is conducting our online crowdfunding campaign. The platform has raised more than $540 million for startups and has over 800,000 potential investors. Kevin O’Leary, Mr. Wonderful of Shark Tank fame, is an investor, advisor, and paid spokesman. For more information about StartEngine, see their website at

Securities regulations prevent us from advertising the terms of 4Ry’s offering on Straight Line Logic. Those terms, plus extensive information about 4Ry, its technology, accomplishments, finances, personnel, future plans, and the competitive landscape in which it operates are all on 4Ry’s campaign page on StartEngine. Early bird investors and those who make larger investments in our crowdfunding should check out the details on bonus shares. The campaign page also has the risk factors, of which a potential investor should be fully aware. The link to that page is:

Surveying the current investment environment, many alternative media commentators recommend real, tangible assets, including essential provisions and precious metals. I don’t disagree with those recommendations, but I’d also suggest putting an intangible asset in your portfolio that historically has generated incalculable value and is the cornerstone for many other asset values: intellectual property.

4Ry’s value derives from the intellectual property developed by Dr. Kelly. He is a named inventor on 20 patents. 4Ry owns the key ChIPS patent, we have filed a patent for the distilled water sprayer, and we will file many more. All of Arnold’s innovations may not work out, but they don’t have to for our company to be profitable. If a few work out we should be fine. That was my calculation when I invested in 2016, when I became first a consultant and then a vice president at the company, and when I agreed to serve as CEO in 2020. I saw it as an investment of money, time, and commitment in developing invaluable intellectual property. See the campaign page for more.

Intellectual property doesn’t just happen, it requires investment and development. Most of Arnold’s innovations come from the amazing lab in the basement of his house. We intend to move him to an upgraded lab and build out a team of technicians and engineers to commercialize his technologies. They will be on the receiving end of a massive knowledge transfer, what we call the Downloading Arnold’s Brain Project. We also intend to erect a legal fortress around our intellectual property. None of this comes cheap, but now that we have prototypes of potential commercial products we can seek public investment.

I have never solicited donations on SLL or run a fund-raising campaign for the site. I can pay for groceries, but 4Ry needs investment now. I can’t guarantee you’ll make money. As with all investments you could lose every penny. The beauty of crowdfunding is nobody has to bet the ranch. You have a chance to make money, you can fully evaluate and limit the risk, and you can keep your investment in your comfort zone.

4Ry’s Campaign Page Video

I can say with complete certainty that you’ve never seen a company like 4Ry. We are a throwback to the days of brilliant inventors and bold entrepreneurs. 4Ry has little in common with committee-driven, publicly traded corporations. We won’t be a cash-burn machine so beloved by Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and the venture capital community. We keep our expenses low and we aim to make money, sooner rather than later. Our technology is understandable (it has to be if I got involved) and fascinating. Our story is compelling. Please check out our StartEngine campaign page.



Where does 4Ry’s name come from?

Ry is the scientific notation for the Rydberg unit of energy, 13.6 electron volts (13.6 eV). That is the energy required to ionize hydrogen. ChIPS imparts 4 Ryberg Units (4 Ry) of charge, 54.4 eV, to each electron on a drop of fluid. (About a million charged electrons are on a 50-micron drop—enough to electrocute bacteria!). The 4 Ry surface charge is the basis of 4Ry’s technology and its name.


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  2. Soon to be knocked off by the Chinese.



    Thank you, Robert. The wife, daughter and I lost a whole crop of pie cherries, Bing cherries, and a lot of apples to a species of fruit fly indigenous to North ID. I will buy one of these systems and use it next spring as soon as the blossoms fall. All the democrat insect vermin will be terminated with extreme prejudice, courtesy of your system and Malathion.


    • Dweezil
      Right now what we have are prototypes, but if this fund raising goes well we will, I hope, have a sprayer for those fruit flies next year. Maybe you can be a beta tester for the sprayer and I can be a beta tester for the cherry pies.


  4. 100 shares! Thank you sir!


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