Separation Ruminations, by Eric Peters

Due to irreconcilable difference and the desire of one of the parties to make the other party it’s milch cow, it’s time for a divorce. From Eric Peters at

We all know it can’t go on. Like a bad marriage, the “union” is a barren, emotionally alienated thing held together by nothing more than the inertia of tradition and the threat of force directed at the side that suggests the best thing to do would be for each side to go its separate way.

Peacefully, ideally.

Our side would certainly consider that ideal, for we want nothing more from the other side than to be let alone. We are not interested in the other side’s money. We merely wish to hold onto our own. To raise our families and live as we see fit – respecting everyone’s equal right to do the same. We like our history – but do not begrudge anyone else’s theirs. Only requesting that they do not attempt to replace ours with theirs.

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