Remembering the Lesson of “911”, by Eric Peters

9/11 introduced the perpetual crisis regime. From Eric Peters at

Tomorrow is September the eleventh – styled “Nine-Eleven” ever since that day in September, more than 20 years ago. It is styled that way on purpose, for the same reason that the MRNA drug cocktails people have been injected with, most of them under duress, are styled “vaccines.”

Words are how we think. When people think of vaccines, they think of drugs that immunize. That is to say, drugs that will prevent them from getting or spreading a given sickness; i.e., the one they have been “vaccinated” against. How many people would have accepted being “vaccinated” by a drug that they were told, in advance of taking it, would not prevent them from getting the sickness so many dreaded – nor spreading it, to others? Especially in view of the fact that there are definite and dangerous side-effects as well as known effective treatments for the sickness – if you get it – without those side effects?

Hence the need to market what was never a vaccine as that very thing – rather than the thing it actually is.

It is also why the attacks perpetrated on that September day, more than 20 years ago were styled “Nine-Eleven” – phonetically identical to “911.”

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