Death by Government, by Bill Bonner

By orders of magnitude, there is no deadlier institution than government. From Bill Bonner at

(Source: Getty Images)

Bill Bonner, reckoning today from Youghal, Ireland…

For all the hand-wringing about Europe’s energy and economic crisis… Paris seemed calm last week. The restaurants were full. People walked around as usual. It felt like a city that had been taken over by the lizard people, all pretending to be human.

Everything looked normal. People acted normal. But, as they say on TV, winter is coming.

Already, on our trip back to Ireland, crossing the English Channel and then the Irish Sea, the clouds came in from the North Atlantic. The sea was not as tranquil or as blue as it had been a month ago. Instead, it was like an old man, starting to turn gray and grumble; his best days are behind him. Fastened to a dying animal… he must bear the bad weather ahead. After all, the autumnal equinox is only 3 days away.

As to the ‘scientific’ claims of the ‘green’ lobby, we are agnostic. But suspicious. Every time the elite sets its sights on a Great Campaign, it enlists ‘science,’ religion and the press… and the result is almost always a catastrophic scam.

We have no reason to believe this time will be different.

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