Shellenberger: Biden Is Failing The World

Energy is essential to life, and as Europeans will discover this winter, it’s absence can mean death. From Michael Shellenberger at

The world desperately needs energy and yet President Joe Biden is preventing sufficient quantities of oil and gas from being produced…

Below is the written transcript of the above video. Additional slides and graphs are in the video.

Many people in the U.S. are still unaware of just how dire the situation is in Europe. They have started logging their old-growth forests for wood fuel to stay warm during the winter. You can see in a tweet that just came out today from somebody in Denmark that “people are stealing each other’s wood pellets and their wood briquettes as soon as they’re delivered.” To make matters worse, “There’s constant reports of cars having their tanks drilled and their gas stolen.” Remember, it’s not even winter yet. Winter’s actually over 72 days away. So this is a very serious situation.

You can see that in Poland people are actually burning trash to stay warm. Burning trash in your fireplace creates toxic smoke. It’s hazardous. The government’s considering handing out masks so people can breathe more safely when they’re outdoors.

Recall that natural gas is the reason the United States reduced its carbon emissions more than any other country in the world. Carbon emissions have been on the decline globally, in large measure, because of the transition from coal to gas. Natural gas is something that most reasonable people agree is a superior fuel to coal. Natural gas is the reason the United States reduced its emissions by 22% between 2005 and 2020, which is five percentage points more than the United States had agreed to reduce our emissions under cap and trade legislation, which nearly passed Congress in 2010 and under the UN Paris Climate Agreement.

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One response to “Shellenberger: Biden Is Failing The World

  1. The Biden family is only interested in enriching itself. Joe, the Ukrainian carpetbagger has proven this numerous times.


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