Cue Dollar Squeeze Panic: Fed Sends A Record $6.3 Billion To Switzerland Via Swap Line, by Tyler Durden

We could be looking at a globe-engulfing financial crisis that emanates from Europe in a matter of a few weeks. From Tyler Durden at

BofA Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett (whose latest weekly note we will dissect shortly) has a favorite saying for when critical phase (to avoid the most hated word in the world “paradigm”) shifts take place in the market, one which may be the only word a trader in this day and age needs (or rather hopes for): “Markets stop panicking when central banks start panicking.”

So in what may be the best news to shellshocked bulls after the worst September and worst Q3 in generations, in a harrowing year for markets, and on a Friday which is set to reverse much of yesterday’s historic intraday reversal, the 5th biggest on record, central banks are starting to panic more with every passing day. First it was the BOJ, then the BOE and now, for the second week in a row, it’s Switzerland’s turn.

Recall that three weeks ago after the (first) panicked pivot by the BOE, when global markets were in freefall, we said that markets desperately needed some words of encouragement from the Fed, or failing that – and with the dollar soaring to new all time highs every day – the Fed had to make some pre-emptive announcement on USD Fx swap lines, if only to reassure global markets that amid this historic, US dollar short squeeze, at least someone can and will print as many as are needed to avoid systemic collapse.

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One response to “Cue Dollar Squeeze Panic: Fed Sends A Record $6.3 Billion To Switzerland Via Swap Line, by Tyler Durden

  1. the swiss are not the same people today as in past times. they jumped in bed with the u. s. with the predictable result of uprooting a very long history of financial trust. is the price to be paid beginning to come due?


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