Growing to Understand Contemporary Germany and Weep – Part II, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Germany is a fairly typical mixed economy, welfare state abomination, not unlike the rest of Europe or the U.S. From Hans-Hermann Hoppe at

Part 1

Part 2 Transcript

The war in the Ukraine is the most recent and most dramatic and violent attempt at further advancing globalization, centralization and imperialism.  The outcome of which is still very uncertain. It is also the latest demonstration of global elites to show in particular Germany (but also Western Europe and the EU) who is boss. In this they are being supported by elitist German collaborators and traitors.

To start with, let me give you a short, general remark on war: In violent conflicts between individuals or rival street gangs, we can normally clearly distinguish the aggressor from the victim, aggressive violence from defensive violence, evil and guilty from good and innocent. This is impossible, however, in the case of interstate war or violence: because all states are aggressors and protection rackets, that conduct their operation, be it offensive or defensive, with means, weapons and finances stolen from their own “protected” populations – just think of Mafia gangs trying to enlarge their territory or turf, or defending and protecting themselves from such attempts by another such gang.

This leads me to the following first verdict or judgment regarding the current war: everyone, Biden, Putin, Zelensky, Johnson, Scholz, Macron, von der Leyen, etc., indeed everyone involved or entangled in the war with means or materials not his own is an evil warmonger, and they all deserve to rot in jail as accomplices to death and destruction. This in addition to their aggression committed against their own domestic resident-victims.

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