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The Federal Republic of New Normal Germany, by CJ Hopkins

Germany is well on its way to New Normal fascism. From CJ Hopkins at consentfactory.org:

So, the government of New Normal Germany is contemplating forcing everyone to wear medical-looking masks in public from October to Easter on a permanent basis. Seriously, the fanatical New Normal fascists currently in charge of Germany’s government — mostly the SPD and the Greens — are discussing revising the “Infection Protection Act” in order to grant themselves the authority to continue to rule the country by decree, as they have been doing since the Autumn of 2020, thus instituting a “permanent state of emergency” that overrides the German constitution, indefinitely.

Go ahead, read that paragraph again. Take a break from the carnage in non-Nazi Ukraine, the show trials in the US congress, monkeypoxmania, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Sudden Bovine Death Syndrome, family-oriented drag queens, non-“vaccine”-related facial paralysis, and Biden falling off his bike, and reflect on what this possibly portends, the dominant country of the European Union dispensing with any semblance of democracy and transforming into a fascist biosecurity police state.

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Germans ´schwedt´ hard for Russian oil, by Jorge Vilches

The Germans think they’re going to reconfigure one of their most refineries to substitute oil of differing grades from who-knows-where to replace steady, dependable, and uniform grade Ural oil they were receiving from Russia in six months. Good luck with that. From Jorge Vilches at thesaker.is:

Germans will soon passionately conjugate a very strange new verb amongst themselves, the infinitive form of which is “ to schwedt ”. Of course, all sorts of ironic phraseology will emerge in the blogosphere with creative commentariati wondering whether “to schwedt or not to schwedt”… or millennials surely indicating to “chill it, don´t schwedt it ”…

So, you may wonder what exactly is this ´schwedt´ thingy about ? Well, it all starts with Schwedt, a small greyish-dull industrial town in North East Germany right next to the Polish border – it doesn´t get much greyer than that – which is now getting ready for no more and no less than…(drumroll please)…sudden World Fame… or…”GAME OVER”.

Traffic today still continues to drive-by Schwedt gloriously unattentive with visitors naïvely unable to focus on anything special. But savvy technical buzz circles silently have it that the famous Schwedt Refinery – in a matter of weeks – will turn into the Mother of All Engineering & Political Battles ever that will define the future of Germany and Europe vis-á-vis the stubbornly desired banning of Russian oils. If this battle were lost ( or partially lost ) many firmly credible experts solemnly insist it would have irrevocable existential consequences with European countries turning into almost failed states. But then the question arises: Is it really possible – or even believable — that Germany (!) could actually fail in this essential Schwedt Refinery project it has set up for itself with absolutely no need ? How would it happen ?

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What’s the Deal with Germany? By Mike Whitney

Do the Germans really want to allow themselves to be America’s pawn in the Ukraine-Russia war? From Mike Whitney at unz.com:

Why is Germany sending weapons to Ukraine? Don’t they realize these weapons will be used to kill Russian soldiers? Don’t they realize these weapons will be given to Nazi combatants who tattoo swastikas on their arms and march in torchlight parades? Don’t the German people care about that?

In World War 2, the German Wehrmacht killed 27 million Russians. Isn’t that enough? How many Russians have to die to satisfy Germany’s bloodlust? Another million or so? 5 million? 27 million? How many?

And, how does a country with Germany’s history justify the killing of more Russians today? Alot of people would like an answer to that question? I know I would.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz thinks that Germany has a moral obligation to back Ukraine in its war against Russia. In a televised speech to the nation he said, “We defend law and liberty on the side of the party under attack. We support Ukraine in its battle against the aggressor.”

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Germany’s Russian Gas Problem, by Jack Raines

When a situation is really screwed up, it’s a good bet that not just one but multiple bad decisions have been made. Germany’s dependence on Russian gas is certainly such an instance. From Jack Raines at youngmoney.co:

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!

…You are failing us. But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you.

We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

– 16-year-old Greta Thunberg at the U.N.’s Climate Action Summit, 2019

*slow claps*

Climate change. The existential crisis that has filled every Gen-Zer with dread since they entered grade school. Politicians, CEOs, and other powerful figures fly their private jets to summits around the world each year to condemn the fossil fuel industry as a vile plague that must be destroyed at all costs.

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Team Zelensky Overplays Hand By Humiliating Germany, by Finian Cunningham

Has Zelensky let all the attention and media exposure go to his head? From Finian Cunningham at strategic-culture.org:

Zelensky and his handlers want the whole of Europe to drive over the abyss. But the talented Mr Zelensky is pushing the script beyond acceptable limits when he starts slapping Berlin around.

Team Zelensky has been playing a deft, if cloyingly confected, game up to now. The Ukrainian president has found time in his busy wartime schedule to address over 17 parliaments around the world in recent weeks, each time with a speech tailor-made to push specific cultural emotive buttons.

In addition to artful speechwriting, he is apparently on the phone with world leaders on a daily basis recounting alleged horrors committed by Russian troops and hectoring for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine and for more draconian sanctions to be slapped on Moscow. He also finds time to address Hollywood audiences with tear-jerking speeches. Let’s just say this guy is way too busy for it to be a solo production.

Team Zelenksy: one must conclude that there is more to President Vladimir Zelensky than meets the eye. Reports of multibillion-dollar offshore accounts in the Caribbean are another indicator.

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German Chemical Giant Warns Of “Total Collapse” If Russian Gas Supply Cut, by Tyler Durden

After initial resistance, the Germans have decided it may be better to pay rubles for Russian natural gas after all. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

CEO of Germany’s multinational BASF SE, the world’s largest chemical producer, has warned that curbing or cutting off energy imports from Russia would bring into doubt the continued existence of small and medium-sized energy companies, and further would likely spiral Germany into its most “catastrophic” economic crisis going back to the end of World War 2.

Company CEO Martin Brudermuller issued the words in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper just ahead of German officials by midweek giving an “early warning” to industries and the population of possible natural gas shortages, as Russia appears ready to firmly hold to Putin’s recent declaration that “unfriendly countries” must settle energy payments in rubles, related to the Ukraine crisis and resultant Western sanctions.

According to Bloomberg he mused that while “Germany could be independent from Russia gas in four to five years” it remains that “LNG imports cannot be increased quickly enough to replace all Russian gas flows in the short term.”

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Germany Scrambles To Ration Gas After Refusing To Make Payments In Rubles, by Tyler Durden

The Russian demand for rubles from “unfriendly” countries in payment for natural gas has put Germany between a rock and a hard place. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Update (1140ET): It looks like Moscow is making headway with its demands that “hostile states” (aka its European customers) start paying for their gas in rubles. According to Bloomberg, Putin and German Chancellor Scholz have agreed to let ‘experts on both sides’ discuss the feasibility of Russia’s demand that Germany switches to rubles for its gas payments, according to an emailed statement from the Kremlin.

Both leaders have agreed that switching to ruble payments shouldn’t deteriorate contract terms for European importers of Russian gas (meaning that the price should remain stable regardless of which currency is used for payment and settlement). Putin also updated Scholz on the state of talks between Russia and Ukraine.

But Scholz isn’t the only European leader who appears to be seriously considering Putin’s demands. Italian leader Mario Draghi is also reportedly considering Putin’s demands.

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Ukraine UXB: Germany’s Fuhrerprinzip Problem, by John Ward

Germany is going to bear the brunt of the U.S.’s proxy war against Russia. From John Ward at therealslog.com:

Part 2: A simple question for NATO & Brussels: do you contain Putin by collapsing the European Union?

In this second part of today’s double-header, The Slog looks at the untold consequences of trying to bankrupt the Russian Federation, and wonders just how many Europeans would be prepared to pay that price. More specifically, the so-called sanctions present Germany with an insoluble dilemma. Cracks may soon start to appear in the entire EUNATO defence rationale.

Very few people really understand the full extent of collapse we will almost certainly be looking at if and when Russia defaults. Naturally, the propaganda sins of omission continue; thus, although there’s a gigantic problem for the sanctioning folks, they don’t want you to know about it. The BSDs out there need to rethink the current jingoism, and ask themselves whether the cost of “containing” Putin is either worth it…or indeed, a problem they need to worry about in the first place.

To kick off things off with an appetiser, you probably failed to notice this, but Russia paid its due debt installment in full last Friday.

You probably didn’t see that, because the MSM blanked it. They want you to think that Russia is doomed, but they can’t deal with evidence that this is not the case.

In the same spirit but on a different subject, what’s also just come to light via objective observers is that, since Russian speakers in the eastern Ukraine provinces Donetsk and Luhanks voted to leave and become Russian provinces again, 15,000 Russian speakers have died in blatant breakages of the Minsk accord by Ukrainian far Right nationalists. As this bores a large hole in the “plucky Zelenskyy” script, our media don’t talk about that either.

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The EU Eyes New Horizons, by Melkulangara Bhadrakumar

Germany is increasing its military spending and capabilities, in part to fulfill its desire to be the dominant nation within the EU. From Melkulangara Bhadrakumar at strategic-culture.org:

Germany’s military build-up is a poignant issue in European politics, and what trajectory it will take once the dust settles, only time can tell.

Three developments in the past week herald a profound shift in European politics. It is tempting, but ultimately futile, to contextually place this shift as a reaction to the Russian decision to launch military operations in Ukraine. The pretext only provides the alibi, while the shift is anchored on power play and has a dynamic of its own.

Without doubt, the three developments — Germany’s decision to step up its militarisation, the European Union’s (EU) decision to finance arms supplies to Ukraine and Germany’s historic decision to reverse its policy not to supply weapons to conflict zones — mark a radical departure in European politics since World War II.

In a speech Sunday during a special session of parliament in Berlin on Germany’s response to the situation around Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a plan to beef up German military, earmarking for the armed forces an additional €100 billion ($112.7 billion) out of the 2022 budget as a one-time allocation and underscoring his promise to reach the 2% of gross domestic product spending on defence. He said the additional spending would include investments and armaments projects for the German military.

As for the rationale behind the decision, Scholz said, “It’s clear we need to invest significantly more in the security of our country in order to protect our freedom and our democracy.” As it is, Germany has a record high defence budget (€53 billion) for the current year, which is an increase of 3.2% over the previous year. The proposed €100 billion additional financial outlay will boost acquisition of drones, new fighter jets, etc. and fund investments in medium and long term defence build-up. Scholz also committed that the hiked up defence spending of 2% of GDP is going to be a permanent norm.

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America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century, by Michael Hudson

The U.S. governments main constituent groups have already got what they wanted from the Ukraine-Russia war—blocking the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. This will of course hurt Europe, particularly Germany, far more than it will hurt Russia, which can sell its natural gas elsewhere. From Michael Hudson at unz.com:

The MIC, OGAM and FIRE Sectors Conquer NATO

My old boss Herman Kahn, with whom I worked at the Hudson Institute in the 1970s, had a set speech that he would give at public meetings. He said that back in high school in Los Angeles, his teachers would say what most liberals were saying in the 1940s and 50s: “Wars never solved anything.” It was as if they never changed anything – and therefore shouldn’t be fought.

Herman disagreed, and made lists of all sorts of things that wars had solved in world history, or at least changed. He was right, and of course that is the aim of both sides in today’s New Cold War confrontation in Ukraine.

The question to ask is what today’s New Cold War is trying to change or “solve.” To answer this question, it helps to ask who initiates the war. There always are two sides – the attacker and the attacked. The attacker intends certain consequences, and the attacked looks for unintended consequences of which they can take advantage. In this case, both sides have their dueling sets of intended consequences and special interests.

The active military force and aggression since 1991 has been the United States. Rejecting mutual disarmament of the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO, there was no “peace dividend.” Instead, the U.S. policy executed by the Clinton and subsequent administrations to wage a new military expansion via NATO has paid a 30-year dividend in the form of shifting the foreign policy of Western Europe and other American allies out of their domestic political sphere into their own U.S.-oriented “national security” blob (the word for special interests that must not be named). NATO has become Europe’s foreign-policy-making body, even to the point of dominating domestic economic interests.

The recent prodding of Russia by expanding Ukrainian anti-Russian ethnic violence by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi post-2014 Maiden regime was aimed at (and has succeeded in) forcing a showdown in response the fear by U.S. interests that they are losing their economic and political hold on their NATO allies and other Dollar Area satellites as these countries have seen their major opportunities for gain to lie in increasing trade and investment with China and Russia.

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