United Against Existence, by Robert Gore


One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

Middle Earth had its Mount Doom, into which the One Ring of Power could be tossed, ridding that evil from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional setting. Real Earth is not so fortunate, but in all other aspects the lessons drawn from his classic apply. It only comes up short in one respect. Tolkien never delved into the psychology of Sauron, Saruman, and the lessor denizens of Middle Earth who lusted after the One Ring’s power, other than to depict the inevitable corruption of the soul their lust produced.

There are two conclusions uncorrupted souls have difficulty accepting, although both experience and logic point uncompromisingly towards them. The first is that those in power and those who lust for it want power for power’s sake, ultimately to destroy and kill. The second is that they want to destroy and kill because they want to destroy existence and kill themselves. We owe the first conclusion to Orwell, the second to Rand. (For a fuller explanation see “The Last Gasp,” Robert Gore, SLL, March 24, 2020.)

This article assumes both conclusions are well-founded and that the second in particular is the key to understanding where the world is now and where it’s going. They offer a realistic assessment of the chances for nuclear Armageddon.

It is no coincidence that the twentieth century witnessed history’s most totalitarian regimes and its bloodiest wars and genocides. By all indications the twenty-first century will extend the connected trends. Power goes hand-in-hand with destruction and death. Governments are based on their capacity to inflict violence; what else can they produce? Rejecting lofty rhetoric and revolutionary rationales, Orwell wrote that: Power is not a means; it is an end. The twentieth century demonstrated that power is a means to inflict incalculable destruction and death. Know them by their fruits—those are the true ends of those who seek and hold power.

Report after report details the injury and death inflicted by the Covid mRNA vaccines, puncturing hollow platitudes and invocations of “Science.” The travesty offers a refresher course we don’t really need: from world leaders down to petty politicians and functionaries, they want to kill us. Those who aren’t killed are to be frightened into compliance with their ghastly and tyrannical edicts, herded like cattle into some other slaughterhouse.

The gelatinous souls who move whatever direction the bowl tilts usually don’t recognize what’s happening until the moment of their execution. Beforehand, a few of the more intellectually adept will argue that the powerful will be limited by their instinct for self-preservation—if they kill too many they’ll end up killing themselves. Perhaps that thought offers comfort, however scant.

But what if the powerful are like those mass shooters whose terror ends only when they turn their guns on themselves? What if mass murder is the means to their desired end: suicide? Someone who kills himself but no one else is to be pitied. Someone who kills innocents before taking his own life perpetrates paramount evil.

. . . . Now he knew that he had wanted Galt’s destruction at the price of his own destruction to follow, he knew that he had never wanted to survive, he knew that it was Galt’s greatness he had wanted to torture and destroy—he was seeing it as greatness by his own admission, greatness by the only standard that existed, whether anyone chose to admit it or not: the greatness of a man who was master of reality in a manner no other had equaled. In the moment when he, James Taggart, had found himself facing the ultimatum: to accept reality or die, it was death his emotions had chosen, death rather than surrender to that realm of which Galt was so radiant a son. In the person of Galt—he knew—he had sought the destruction of all existence.

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957

Rand pinpointed the core motivation of those who seek power, whose lives are defined by those they subjugate. Regardless of their differing aims, professed justifications, and ideological platforms, the powerful are united against existence. Spoken or unspoken, acknowledged or unacknowledged, they are united by the ultimate evil: to slaughter innocents before their own lives are inevitably extinguished. That puts the prospect of global nuclear war in a whole new light.

How would it play out? Credit Putin and Xi with more intelligence than the cast of cretins running the American empire. It’s a low bar. But are they any less power-driven, any less evil? Russia’s oligarchy and China’s totalitarian dictatorship are, like the U.S. government, organized crime. Angels don’t get to the top of such syndicates, and these two non-angels have set themselves up as rulers for life. Putin’s and Xi’s intelligence are matched by their ruthlessness, which may surpass that of their Western counterparts.

Say the brain trust that masterminded the Nordstream sabotage decides that a low-yield, false-flag nuclear or dirty bomb detonation in Ukraine would accomplish important objectives. They could blame it on Russia, shoring up empire support for the Ukrainians sagging war effort. It would be the perfect excuse to cancel the elections the Democrats are set to lose and perhaps institute martial law. Russia might respond in kind, and the brain trust’s giddy hopes for global nuclear war would be realized. Obvious insanity for most of us, a feature not a bug for the suicidally inclined.

Once the bomb detonated, Putin and Xi would know the U.S. was behind it. They may even know beforehand. Russia has accused Ukraine of planning to detonate a dirty bomb, and the Chinese government has reportedly told Chinese citizens in Ukraine to leave the country. The comfortably numb assumption U.S. defense policy rests upon is that their responses will be proportional to the provocation out of respect for the planet-destroying potential of the U.S. nuclear triad.

What if they’re not? What if Russia and China respond with everything they’ve got, hypersonic missiles—to which the empire has no defense—taking out major cities, infrastructure, industry, and communications and computer networks? And what if the empire’s nuclear response capability has been surreptitiously crippled or eliminated by Russian and Chinese hacking and sabotage? They’re pretty good at that sort of thing.

Here is an urgent plea to anyone within the empire’s power structure who can short-circuit the false flag: check your assumptions. That false flag might not lead to the desired global holocaust, but rather to A RUSSIAN AND CHINESE VICTORY! In either instance you’ll probably be dead, but you can’t take the chance that the Russians and Chinese might win. That would be simply intolerable. Stop the false flag!

A Putin and Xi victory would leave the U.S. as a nuclear wasteland and those two as the world’s rulers—not unipolarity or multipolarity but bipolarity. Of course there’s only one Ring; sharing absolute power sounds like a contradiction in terms. Regardless, a radioactive U.S. and its miserable survivors would be at the very bottom of the pecking order in a world run by one or two totalitarian dictators.

However, the radioactivity from any nuclear attack capable of decimating the U.S. wouldn’t stay confined to the U.S. Russian and Chinese hacking and sabotage may not prevent every U.S. bomb from landing in those countries. Theirs would be the Pyrrhic victory to end all Pyrrhic victories if fallout extinguished everyone. Assuming the powerful—American, European, Russian, Chinese and globalist—are indeed murderously suicidal, united against existence, that outcome is not just a nontrivial possibility; it’s more likely than not.

In which case only God can save humanity. Let us hope in his justice, compassion, and wisdom he gives our species, woefully deficient in all three, one more chance.


22 responses to “United Against Existence, by Robert Gore

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  3. “Say the brain trust that masterminded the Nordstream sabotage decides that a low-yield, false-flag nuclear or dirty bomb detonation in Ukraine would accomplish important objectives.”
    This is now my #1 choice should there be a nuclear escalation–and election canceling is a contributing factor.

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  4. “The second is that they want to destroy and kill because they want to destroy existence and kill themselves.”

    This is extremely difficult to accept for people who haven’t gone far down the rabbit hole. But it is in fact the only explanation which completely and adequately explains observed behaviour.

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  5. Col. Andy Tanner : Yeah. That’s right. Infiltrators came up illegal from Mexico. Cubans mostly. They managed to infiltrate SAC bases in the Midwest, several down in Texas and wreaked a helluva lot of havoc, I’m here to tell you. They opened up the door down here, and the whole Cuban and Nicaraguan and Latin American armies come walking right through, rolled right up here through the Great Plains.


  6. Alas, There is no “lesser evil,” upon the physical world stage.
    “For speaking arrogant nonsense, they entice- through the lust of the flesh, through indecencies- the ones who have indeed escaped from those living in delusion,….


  7. ole homesteader

    A corollary is that the people in power will do anything to stay in power for one more day, even if it means the destruction of a nation or whole nations.

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  9. I have long known the correlation between the suicidal stream of mass murderers, and their victims, I just don’t like thinking about it. Doesn’t make logical sense to seek mass murder in the first place. First, these guys die inside. Then, the urge to inflict the pain on someone else overcomes any humanity left in them. Three suicides, actually. First, the spirit in a person. Then the other murders. Then the self-inflicted bodily death. Too much pain for one person to keep to themselves. Probably begins in childhood, but I think a lot of them are born brain damaged/deranged, and can’t help it. Pity that so many of them choose politics for a career. Thanks, Robert, for being right on target again. Knowledge most often begets sorrow, but what’s a little sorrow without the comic relief of understanding what fallible creatures we are.

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  11. Very good as usual and will be linking today!


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  14. Thanks, Robert. Excellent thought provocation. The best references – Orwell and Rand. I had not considered that self-destruction might not be an end in itself, but lead to the ultimate goal of destruction of existence.


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  16. GOD has NOT given mankind an Ark this time and HE will treat them as he once did, but this time it will not be with water. imo


  17. Can we then say: They(evil) are United against mankind? Yawehs creation?
    Acts 4:26


  18. “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” ~John Adams

    It is the opinion of the author that the horrors of the last 150 years are the direct result of the rise of the will to power and its usurpation of the role that individual conscience, moral restraint and religious sanction traditionally played in Western human affairs. In modern times, the will to power has expressed itself in the desire for the power to control the lives of others down to the smallest details. Worse, it has expressed itself as the desire to kill without restraint or consequence. The great irony is that this interventionist (and ultimately, eliminationist) mindset is precisely what modern ‘progressives’ accuse conservatives of harboring. Yet, all available evidence points to the fact that those who call themselves ‘progressives’ above all desire to wield the power to decide who lives and who dies.

    Here is the Vulcan mind-meld translation of the core premise of the modern progressive Left: you have no right to live. By their lights, you are no more than a thing, an animal, or a machine. Therefore, you have no right to the fruits of your labors; which means: you have no right to your own life. You become mere property of the state, a fungible asset to be used, to be disposed of, and ultimately to be eliminated on a whim. This premise is, has been, and continues to be central to those who have engaged in the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of millions of human beings in modern times, and who have enslaved, impoverished and tortured hundreds of millions more. By their lights, you are a ‘resource’ at best. Or you are in their way and must be eliminated. There in a nutshell are the last 150 years of bad ideas and their practical consequences.

    So here’s a bold assertion that many of you will dismiss out of hand: there are those in government – and those who seek control of your government – who simply want you dead. They would kill you with neither hesitation nor remorse if they could get away with it. Why? Because you are in their way and because your very existence is an affront to all that they believe. Failing that, they would settle for taking everything you have if they felt that they could do so without being held accountable. They would use the apparatus of the state to censor your speech, punish you for your politically incorrect thoughts, confiscate the fruits of your labor, seize your property, disarm you and thus render you helpless and defenseless, and in the end, dictate the very terms of your existence if they could do so with impunity. And worse, far worse – they would see you suffer simply because they can. Because they want to. And worse still, because, they like it.


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