The War on Humanity Continues, by Michael Lesher

Don’t think that the potential enslavers of humanity don’t have a lot more cooked up. They do. From Michael Lesher at

Ayear ago, after a melancholy Halloween that more resembled a funeral than a holiday, I published an article I called “A War against Humanity.”

I wanted to explore not so much the dramatic statistics that can readily claim readers’ attention but the more insidious ways in which the COVID coup has infected our inner lives.

I wrote: “I cannot get used to the subtle encroachment of fear into every aspect of our collective existence. I cannot accept the slow poisoning of all the interactions between one human being and another by the relentless tide of COVID19 propaganda.”

Alas, very little has changed since then. In fact, the subtle markers of the propaganda-inflicted damage remain so much in place that I cannot do better than to republish what I wrote last year. And so the original “A War against Humanity” appears below, with the kind support of the Brownstone editors.

Here, I will only mention a few things that have actually deepened my worries since the piece was originally published.

Remember all the obstructions suddenly thrown up between human beings in early 2020 – plastic barriers, masks and “social distancing” measures – to erode the communal solidarity that is the presupposition of democracy? I noted in the article that those barriers seemed to be here to stay. And it looks as though I was right. Anthony Fauci’s yelping about the “profound risk” allegedly posed by monkeypox, a “rare” disease that even the usual suspects admit is “difficult to spread,” is depressing evidence that social atomization is still a high priority for the folks who brought us illegal mass quarantines and muzzling mandates.

The same is true of those mysterious shortages the press still blames on an unspecified “supply-chain crisis.”

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