The EeeeeVeee “Mandate” From Within . . . by Eric Peters

Mandates are not the hallmark of a profitable business or investment; they are a sign that someone is being forced to do something. From Eric Peters at


It’s not just the government that’s “mandating” (don’t you hate that word?) electric vehicles. So are the car companies.

They are “mandating” that their dealers “invest” in EeeeeeeVeeees they don’t want to sell – because they know they are a hard sell – and also the “infrastructure” (meaning, adding – and paying for – high-capacity “fast” charging capability at the dealership) the car companies know dealers must have in order to create the illusion that EeeeeeVeeeees are useful as vehicles rather than vehicles to signal virtue.

The latter amounts to a minimum of several hundreds of thousands of dollars in “investments” – with little prospect of return. Hence the . . . what’s the right word? . . . hesitancy to make these “investments.”

Dealers know – though most won’t say – that few, if any customers are interested in spending any more time at a dealership than they have to. And they don’t have to – or have to, a lot less – if they don’t buy an EeeeeeeVeeee because they don’t have to go to a dealership for a not-so-“fast” charge. And wait there for it. They can stop for less than five minutes for gas – on their way home – and be home much faster.

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One response to “The EeeeeVeee “Mandate” From Within . . . by Eric Peters

  1. It occurs to me that unless this imposed and “reasoned” madness is halted, further attempts to force those of us maintaining reasoned sanity, will follow to force us to comply. The complicit auto makers will reduce/cease making replacement parts for ICE vehicles.

    In my case, my newest vehicle is a 2015, with the remaining 5, 2003 and older. Junk yards and a black market for parts for these cars will become the “theme.”

    Of course, if the imposed and “reasoned” madness against fossil fuels is not ended, such speculations will matter little because they will pale into the background. What replaces them in the “foreground” is the end of life as we have known it!

    Let’s see what happens when the auto makers sales plumet and they face insolvency because of little-to-no return on their huge investments in transportation fantasyland. They will almost certainly turn to the source of their dilemma for relief.

    We live in times that are not only interesting, but fearsome……..



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