About “Choice”, by Eric Peters

Don’t confuse the liberal demand for freedom of choice, that is, the choice for abortion, with anything approaching freedom and choice in many other areas of life. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It’s said by some that the reason Leftists did much better-than-expected in the recent midterms is because Leftists value “choice” – as regards abortion. They value it so highly that they’re willing to sacrifice everything else to protect it – including the freedom of others to choose not wear “masks” or be forced to choose between “vaccination” (sic) and economic and social exclusion.

This shows us, of course, that it isn’t really about “choice.” It is about abortion facilitating choices the Left likes – and wants to disconnect consequences from.

The chief choice being the right to have as much thoughtless, consequence-free sex as possible. Which – ruefully – is a right. As regardless the thoughtless sex. In the same way that a person has the right to drink as much alcohol as they like. A right being simply an acknowledgement of respect for a person’s – here it comes – right to choose.

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