Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists, by Jeff Thomas

The wokists are not unprecedented. Insanity has been a recurring phenomena through human history. From Jeff Thomas at


The critter in the photo above is an entomologic marvel. The seventeen-year locust (or cicada) appears on the American continent like clockwork every seventeen years. As soon as a locust is born, it burrows in the ground and appears to hibernate for seventeen years. When it emerges, it lives only four to six weeks – just long enough to devastate crops, lay a new batch of eggs, and start the cycle again.

But, whilst underground, they’re not actually hibernating. They are, in fact, active in a wingless nymph form, feeding on sap and tree roots. They’re building their strength for their periodic devastation. The danger that they present to humanity is that, when they emerge, they do so collectively, and their cumulative damage is often epic.

But enough of entomologic lessons. Those who read this publication are more concerned with a destruction created by mankind – the rise of a class of humans that seeks to destroy all that has been achieved in the last several generations.

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3 responses to “Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists, by Jeff Thomas

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  2. I didn’t notice this pattern. What I did notice was how often children betray the values of their parents and ancestors. It seemed like if your enemy cannot defeat you any other way they’ll be born to you.

    I wonder what those who fought in the 2WW think of their descendants. The war needed to be fought but was it a waste of time having children?


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