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“This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far”, by Konstantin Kisin

The title doesn’t do this fabulous speech justice. This video is well worth the nine minutes and nineteen seconds it will take you to watch it.  Click the twitter link.

The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship, by Victor Davis Hanson

The diversity that’s not tolerated is diversity of thought. From Victor Davis Hanson at amgreatness.com:

What do all our notable fabricators—George Santos, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama—have in common?

Well, quite like the Ward ChurchilIs or Rachel Dolezals of the world, one way or another, they lied about their identities. Or they sought fraudulent ways of suggesting their ancestries were marginalized. Or they had claims on being victims on the theory their constructed personas brought career advantages.

George Santos claimed, apparently in search of a victimized status, that he was an “American Jew” and a “Latino Jew,” and a descendent of Holocaust survivors.

Joe Biden lied that he went to “shul” as well as that he grew up in a veritable Puerto Rican household and just happened to attend a black college as well as being an honorary Greek.

Elizabeth Warren ended up a laughingstock for claiming her high cheekbones were proof of her Native-American ancestry—a lie she rode all the way to being the “first” Native-American professor on the Harvard Law school faculty.

Somehow the half-white, prep-schooled Barry Soetoro, who had taken his Indonesian stepfather’s last name, rebooted in the university back to Barack Obama. The latter oddly did not catch his literary agent “misidentifying” him in a book promo as being born in Africa. And only as president, did we learn his “autobiographical” memoir was mostly a concoction.

This fixation with constructing identities is one of the great pathologies of our woke era.

When we obsess in neo-Confederate style on race, ethnicity, or religion as the defining element of who we are, and we do this to leverage political advantage, then we set off a chain-reaction of Yugoslavian- or Lebanese-style tribalism. Like nuclear proliferation, once one group goes tribal, then all others will strain to find their own deterrent tribal identity.

Greed, Power and the Tantalizing Acceptance of Wokeism, by TL Davis

One way to accumulate fortune, fame, and power is to adroitly cheer each new degenerate intellectual fad—like wokeism—and then jump off just before it fades and jump on the next one. From TL Davis at tldavis.substack.com:

I believe that what we are witnessing, as every reliable institution is undermined by greed, power and the tantalizing acceptance of wokeism, is the end…of everything. I don’t mean the end of days in the Biblical term, but an end to propriety, decency and morality. The Kari Lake decision almost shouts this truth from the rooftops: it’s all corrupt, everything and everyone. Every fact is disputed by illogical and unfathomable delusion, yet the lie wins time and time again.

I say this is the end of everything and part of that everything is whatever delusions Americans might have had about themselves. For a long time there were the principles of America: truth, justice and the American way, which meant the right way, the honest way, the up-front and straight-forward way, personified by no one better than John Wayne. But, like John Wayne, we all sort of knew that it was a front, an act, a role we played as Americans. Always there was the “yeah, but” recognition of reality, “yeah, but that was a movie;” “yeah, but we know there ain’t no Andy Taylors.”

We held onto this self-deception, because to believe in it all was a means of blocking out the worst of human nature. One might know there are pedophiles stalking children, but to acknowledge it, speak openly about it was to normalize it to a degree, so it was never mentioned. There were victims and perpetrators of pedophilia and still, it just wasn’t right to discuss it, other than to relate the just punishment for it.

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Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists, by Jeff Thomas

The wokists are not unprecedented. Insanity has been a recurring phenomena through human history. From Jeff Thomas at internationalman.com:


The critter in the photo above is an entomologic marvel. The seventeen-year locust (or cicada) appears on the American continent like clockwork every seventeen years. As soon as a locust is born, it burrows in the ground and appears to hibernate for seventeen years. When it emerges, it lives only four to six weeks – just long enough to devastate crops, lay a new batch of eggs, and start the cycle again.

But, whilst underground, they’re not actually hibernating. They are, in fact, active in a wingless nymph form, feeding on sap and tree roots. They’re building their strength for their periodic devastation. The danger that they present to humanity is that, when they emerge, they do so collectively, and their cumulative damage is often epic.

But enough of entomologic lessons. Those who read this publication are more concerned with a destruction created by mankind – the rise of a class of humans that seeks to destroy all that has been achieved in the last several generations.

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What Is Left of My Country? By Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts is not just looking at the past through rose-colored glasses. By virtually every objective measure the good old days really were the good old better-than-today days. From Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

I write often of the West’s disapproval of itself and its remaking in a Woke image that rejects Western civilization and  insists on the deracination of the white ethnicities that created the civilization.  When a civilization loses its belief in itself, or that belief is intentionally destroyed by poisonous ideas, and its defining values are lost, the civilization  disappears.  Geographically the land still exists, and there are people on it, but they are a different people.

When perversity is normalized and given the moral high ground while normality becomes a target, and when Make America Great Again patriots are labeled “domestic extremists” and “white supremacists,” we know that the United States of America has one foot in the grave.

Patriotism is being redefined. The New Patriotism targets those whose patriotism is based in respect for the Constitution and love of freedom.  The New Patriotism is based in the 1619 Project and hatred of America for its alleged racist past. The New Patriots regard the values of the old patriots as values that serve white supremacy and need to be overthrown.

It is difficult to do anything about it. Even mathematics is said to be a racist tool for the suppression of people of color. Those who want a restoration of our traditional values–MAGA Americans–have been demonized and made targets for the FBI, Homeland Security, and prosecutors, and have been stripped of free speech and association.  Six hundred of them are in prison because attending a rally in support of President Trump has been turned into an insurrection against democracy.

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Are Students Awakening to the Pitfalls of a ‘Woke’ American Education? By Robert Bridge

Students are discovering that an extensive knowledge of intersectionalism doesn’t take them too far in the real world. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

‘Go woke, go broke’ is a lesson that many U.S. corporations and organizations have been hard-pressed to learn as identity politics tears a path through the country like another scourge.

‘Go woke, go broke’ is a lesson that many U.S. corporations and organizations have been hard-pressed to learn as identity politics tears a path through the country like another scourge. U.S. colleges and universities are not immune.

Forget about Covid and Monkeypox, America is facing a brain-eating virus of uncertain origin that threatens the very foundation of its once-envied ‘institutions of higher learning’ with intellectual paralysis. Yes, we are talking about the cult of wokeness that is progressively casting the ivory towers of academia into eternal darkness. If a cure to the malady is not soon found, hundreds of manicured college campuses around the country will simply go broke – the ultimate price for being ‘woke.’

Pronouncing it as an “enrollment crisis,” the New York Times reported that “662,000 fewer students enrolled in undergraduate programs in spring 2022 than a year earlier, a decline of 4.7 percent,” according to data tallied by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC). At the same time, the number of foreign students enrolled in U.S. universities also plunged some 15 percent since the 2019-2020 academic year. That drop has perplexed college officials who had been anticipating a surge of new applicants as fears over Covid begin to subside.

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Ban the Bard! By Theodore Dalrymple

The woke will ban everything except strict woke dogma. From Theodore Dylrymple at takimag.com:

Ban the Bard!

A creative writing course at a British university has withdrawn graduation requirement that students should attempt a sonnet, not on the reasonable grounds that it is futile to try to turn people with cloth ears for language into sonneteers, but because the sonnet is a literary form that is white and Western.

Indeed so: One has only to read a sonnet of Shakespeare to appreciate just how parochial and ethnocentric, but at the same time offensive to most of the world’s population, any sonnet by the “greatest” sonneteer in English is. I need take only one of the most famous as an example, Sonnet XVIII, which begins:

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Does Shakespeare (the ignoramus) not realize that there are equatorial and tropical parts of the world in which there is no summer, at most a wet and a dry season, and where the day and night are invariably more or less twelve hours long? Millions of people live in such regions, for whom the term “summer” can mean nothing. Of course, the people who live in such regions are predominantly those of color, to whom Shakespeare, with his typical Eurocentrism, was indifferent if not actually hostile. He simply didn’t care whether or not they understood him.

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Wokeness: Where has Honor Gone? by Jayant Bhandari

At the least, honor means refusing that which one doesn’t deserve. From Jayant Bhandari at lewrockwell.com:

When Justin Trudeau was asked why half of his cabinet was made up of women, his answer was, “Because it’s 2015.” Later, Joe Biden pledged to appoint a diverse cabinet that “looks like America.”

The Canadian female cabinet members are an excellent example of the current trend toward, and insistence on, a politically arranged “looks like something.” They got there through two helpings of “affirmative” policy. First, they were encouraged to stand for election because they were women. Second, they were chosen for the cabinet for the same reason—in this case, the announced reason. Of course, if merit weren’t going to be compromised, the affirmative action policy would be redundant.

During the past few months, American and Canadian companies have been scrambling to appoint women and people of color to leadership positions. This isn’t legally required—and it’s important to know that it isn’t being done for any moral reason, either.

Black Lives Matter and similar movements and the continual riots in the aftermath of George Floyd death have created a massive demand for virtue-signalling to and self-protection from the radical Left, and the woke masses. The sword of cancel culture hangs over anyone who fails to take protective measures or suffers a slip of the tongue.

Politicians and other salesmen have a keen sense of the pulse of the mainstream culture. They regurgitate what society wants to hear. The scrambling for “diversity” (which does not include intellectual diversity) is a result of woke culture metastasizing and at least becoming not repulsive to the majority.

Today, organizations openly advertise how many women, gays, and people of color they employ. I wonder if the female employees feel good about being paraded for their genitals. And how confident the people of color and the LGBTQ people feel whenever they realize they are in their positions because of their skin color or sexual orientation.

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You Can Be as Woke as You Want as Long as You Are Functionally Useless, by Tim Kirby

If the infantry is no longer an important part of warfare, maybe it won’t matter if the military is woke. From Tim Kirby at strategic-culture.org:

This is the real reason why Disney Lesbian army ads are the new normal, Tim Kirby writes.

Ted Cruz has come under fire for recently stating his disapproval of a woke/LGBT military recruitment video when compared side-by-side to a contemporary Russian equivalent. The American video was animated in a sort of Disney style, telling the tale of a young woman, the “daughter” of two mothers going off to fight for America as a continuation of her fight for what’s right as a Left Wing street activist. The Russian video was more of a gritty low-saturation short about men needing to prove themselves as soldiers. The ad with shaved-headed Russians has a much more tried and true message aimed at the gender that historically has done almost all the fighting throughout human history – men. It is obvious that anthropomorphic-suit Ted Cruz was not praising Russia or exalting the superiority of the Russian military as his beta-male detractors have tweeted. The quintessential pre-Trump Republican simply and honestly wants what he thinks is best for the U.S. military – having effective recruitment ads that will actually get results by enticing (mostly) young men to sign up for various combat roles that we could essentially classify into the umbrella term “infantrymen”. But perhaps Cruz is actually wrong, not for saying the Russians are doing recruitment right, but for believing in the antiquated notion that infantrymen are actually needed.

One of the main criticisms from those with traditional/masculine views is that “wokeness” either does not work or is highly inefficient. But these detractors from the dogma of the 21st century forget that you can be as woke as you want as long as you are functionally useless or there are zero blatantly perceivable consequences. This is the real reason why Disney Lesbian army ads are the new normal. And even if a woke army leads to more casualties the politicians do not care, this new ideology comes first.

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The ‘Woke’ Fed, by Ron Paul

Central banks are an abomination. They are even more when they set their inherently irrational policies by the lights of even more inherently irrational political standards. From Ron Paul at ronpaulinstitute.org:

President Joe Biden has ordered the Financial Stability Oversight Council to prepare a report on how the financial system can mitigate the risks related to climate change. The Financial Stability Oversight Council was created through the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory reform act and is supposed to identify and monitor excessive risk to the financial system. The council is composed of the heads of the major federal financial regulatory agencies, including the Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is no doubt pleased with Biden’s order. Powell has been pushing for the Fed to join other central banks in fighting climate change. Among the ways the Fed could try to mitigate the risks related to climate change is by using its regulatory authority to “encourage” banks to lend to “green” businesses and deny capital to “polluters.” The Fed could also use “quantitative easing” to give green industries an advantage over their non-green competitors. Another way the Fed could “fight climate change” is by committing to monetizing all federal debt created by legislation implementing the Green New Deal.

Climate change is not the only area where the Fed is embracing the agenda of the “woke.” Some Federal Reserve Banks have taken the lead in a series of events called “Racism and the Economy” that are concerned with dismantling “systemic racism.” The Fed’s commitment to ending systemic racism could lead the central bank to requiring that banks and other financial institutions further relax their lending standards for minorities. The role the Community Reinvestment Act played in the 2008 housing meltdown shows that when government forces financial institutions to give loans to otherwise unqualified applicants, the recipients of those loans often are unable to make their payments, lending to foreclosures and bankruptcies.

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