Socialized Medicine Is No Cure: Britain’s Broken Benefit System, by Andrew Ash

If socialism ever had to run on its record nothing in world would be socialized. From Andrew Ash at

  • Claiming that conservatives are less compassionate because many basic needs are not offered for free can miss the point. Too often what is offered are words; what is actually ends up being delivered may be sorely lacking — as disillusioned citizens in places such as Venezuela and Cuba have found out the hard way.
  • Of course, one does not become a “better person” by voting for giveaways that are all too often fraudulent or semi-fraudulent — a bait-and-switch in which what is delivered ends up being far from what has been promised, if delivered at all. For many people, however, it might satisfy a need to be perceived as being on the side of the “good” — which social promises always are; why else would a public buy into them?
  • Over time, as governments began to separate themselves from religion, many responsibilities of the church became transferred to the state. The gradual progression of socialist and Marxist thought, meanwhile, further increased the divide, while at the same time expanding the remit of governmental reach into people’s daily lives.
  • Immigration, changes in the workplace, a massive increase in disability payments (along with what constitutes “disability”), the length of time people remain unemployed and an increasingly bloated bureaucracy have all contributed to breaking the back of an outdated system.
  • If your needs are immediate, the struggle for medical care is even more uphill: the NHS is now advising patients to consider private healthcare.

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