The Orange Man Is Fired, by William Gudal

Straight Line Logic contributor William Gudal thinks it’s time for Republicans to part company with Trump. From Gudal:

The fact that Donald Trump exists in any political theatre of operation makes you seriously wonder if he is controlled opposition. The continuing political existence of the former TV reality host defies rational thought.

I will not divulge whether I voted for Trump in 2016. However, given the disaster of his 4 year Presidency, both from the Republican Party point of view and Trump’s own stated agenda, it defies belief that any Republican voter or party operative wants Trump anywhere near Washington or near Republican politics.

Trump’s complete failure begins with the US-Mexico border, by far his number one campaign issue. His effectiveness in stopping the organized worldwide invasion into the US, deliberately designed to turn the country into a failed state, was zero. From outward appearances he didn’t even seem to try, all hot air encapsulated in hubris. Controlled opposition?

His next big issue was Draining the Swamp. Not only did he fail to make a dent in the viper’s pit of Washington, he actually made it much worse. The first thing he did as President was to completely and incomprehensibly surround himself with veteran Swamp reptiles, political parasites, and worst of all, people who hated him. Makes you wonder again about the controlled opposition question. What makes you think his next “administration” would be any different?

Next, other than Fauci, was there a greater poster boy for the complete national nightmare of the federal governments Covid debacle? Trump fully supported and promoted the lockdowns, school closures, mandatory spirit-breaking forced “vaccinations” and destruction of the economy, all starkly and incongruously contrary to the Red states’ own policies. A President with backbone, or a President not totally controlled by dark forces, could have saved us all from most of this misery and society altering wreckage.

Trump pretended to care about the near capture of the United States by the Chinses CCP, but again he was totally compromised by his closest friends and advisors who are closely aligned with the Chinese business world.

Trump is an old man. People are tired of having old people tell them what to do. Trump is also a hated man, perhaps the most hated person in American other than Fauci and Hillary Clinton. The marginal vote will never go to a hated politician. And, as a retread candidate Trump would face an impossible battle in a world that disdains retreads.

The Republican Party has a superlative history of self-destruction. Maybe it could thank the Orange Man for “his service” and say goodnight.


3 responses to “The Orange Man Is Fired, by William Gudal

  1. Very good points, and the unleashing of the vaccines at warp speed was probably his worst failure of all, and he still won’t deny the vaccines that have caused irreparable harm and death to thousands.


    • Yes, I don’t think he can win squat until he reverses himself on vaccines. There are too many people who have experienced or know someone who has experienced serious adverse reactions or death (vaccine almost killed my mother–pulmonary embolisms).


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