Scarcification, by Eric Peters

If you thought the electricity required for electric cars was bad, wait until you see what it is for electric 18-wheelers. From Eric Peters at

What will it mean when most everything that is hauled by truck is hauled by electric truck? It will mean less stuff is hauled by truck, which is probably the point of the thing – in case you hadn’t noticed.

“Electrification” is about scarcification – my neologism.

The making of less. The making do with less – which will cost more, too.

All in the name of a false cause – that being the saving of a planet that doesn’t need saving – by reducing the number of people on it. Less to eat. Less heat. It all ends up in the same place, or so they hope:

Less of us.

Of course, not of them.

What they are bent on “saving” is the planet, alright.

For themselves.

Toward that end, the first of Tesla’s over-the-road electric big rigs will leave the factory, shortly. They will not travel very far from there, though – notwithstanding the lies being told about their ability to pull a 40 ton load 500 miles, which is about what a diesel-powered big rig can pull, just a fourth as far (a fully-fueled big rig can typically go more than 2,000 miles on 300 gallons of diesel before needing to refuel).

And it’s actually a lot less than that.

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