The Middle Class Delenda Est. Part III, by Bill Bonner

The rich get richer on fake money and the middle class gets less middle-classier. From Bill Bonner at

Fed loans, printing press money, sham giveaways and other tools of the elite.

Bill Bonner, reckoning today from Baltimore, Maryland…

We doubt we will win a Nobel prize for this, not even in the category of “Political Crackpottery” or “Fed Follies.” But, perhaps posthumously, it will merit a footnote in the still unwritten “Cynics’ Guide to Political Philosophy.”

For here we explain why and how corrupt elites tend to devour the middle classes who support them. Alert readers may notice some wrong turns and dead ends. Don’t worry about them; we are exploring new territory, as yet unmapped.

We’ve seen a number of things already: Government is run by a small-ish elite. They use it as a way of transferring power and wealth from the middle-class to themselves.

Why the middle class? Because that’s where the money is. The rich tend to be firmly ensconced among the elite themselves…or have ways to protect what they’ve got. And the poor have nothing to take. That leaves the great multitudes in the middle, like lambs at a wolves’ picnic.

But if the elite depend on the middle class, why would they want to sacrifice it? That is our focus for today.

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