cuban style expert worship, by el gato malo

The government and its experts always know best, particularly when they determine who should be allowed into which occuption. From el gato malo at

mark cuban has been having a busy day on twitter.

he led off with this missive which, especially in light of his having bravely disallowed comments, has been getting him dragged in the quote tweets all day.

it’s amazing to me that even after this number of uncontestably catastrophic fails, the cult of expert worship persists, but is would seem there is just no extinguishing the authoritarian flame in some folks.

this is very much on brand for cuban who earned no small notoriety during covid restrictions for literally hiring a team of snitches to go out and busybody their way around to see if businesses were “complying” and then wrote a crowing blog piece about it. (of course, you’ll now need to use the wayback machine to find it because he took it down. but THE INTERNET REMEMBERS.)

gatopal™ erich has the rest.

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