maxwell’s demonizing, by el gato mal

Exposing public health’s many lies during Covid are not tantamount to demonizing and politicizing public health. From el gato malo at

if we can pass this buck fast enough, maybe we can break the law

those of you with a physics bent likely recall “maxwell’s demon,” a 19th century thought experiment about violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

well, today it would seem that we have moved on to “maxwell’s demonizing”

a thought experiment about blaming the people who caught you lying for your loss of credibility.

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Scott Maxwell @Scott_Maxwell
This is precisely what was predicted. The result of demonizing and politicizing science and public health.

alas, this seems to be becoming an all too common refrain in public health these days.

but, just as léon brillouin slayed maxwell’s demon in 1950 by “demonstrating that the decrease in entropy resulting from the demon’s actions would be exceeded by the increase in entropy in choosing between the fast and slow molecules,” so too can we disprove this new claim in violation of nature:

no scott, it was you and yours that did this by lying, pushing bad drugs as panacea, adopting obsessive focus on pseudoscientific and outright superstitious disease avoidance modalities, and turning public health into a hyper partisan pander-fest that then failed, caught fire, fell over, and sank into the fetid swamps from which this impulse seemingly sprung.

then you all gave one another awards for being swell folks.

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