WHO Treaty for Global Martial Law, by Dr. Joseph Sansone

Think of everything you hated about Covid totalitarianism enforced by Covid commissars. The WHO treaty will make them both ten times worse. From Dr. Joseph Sansone at lewrockwell.com:

There Are No Emergency Powers

In the second war of American independence, The War of 1812, a young Dolley Madison would not allow the British to defile the portrait of George Washington, so she had the enormous frame broken and the canvass rolled up and two trusted friends removed it for safe keeping. Shortly afterward, the First Lady evacuated the White House. A short time later, after drinking President Madison’s wine, British soldiers lit up rags and set fire to the White House.

There were many times during the war of 1812 where things looked bleak for the Americans. President James Madison saw his wife flee the White House and their home burned to the ground with much of the capital. Unlike Andrew Jackson, who’s victory in New Orleans caused him to become a second George Washington in the public mind, Madison never violated the Bill of Rights and never usurped the freedom of American citizens. Madison’s faith in the document he wrote withstood a test that just about every war time president after him failed. Madison knew that the document he wrote did not grant emergency powers. Madison understood that individual liberty that did not violate the liberty of another, was outside the jurisdiction of government authority.

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