NFL’s Vaccine Elephant Stomps the Field, by James Grundvig

Everybody knows what happened and everybody knows why you’re not supposed to say what happened: the odds are very high that Damar Hamlin’s collapse was caused by the vaccine. From James Grundvig at

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When the ambulance rolled onto the field on Monday Night Football to attend to Buffalo Bill’s 24-year-old defender, Damar Hamlin, it became clear what happened to him. Clear, except to those mingling in the incestuous sheets with Big Pharma. That short list includes Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government, Big Sports, and their sponsors.

They couldn’t let the truth or even a discussion about the truth emerge in the public domain that the COVID-19 bioweapon, mislabeled a vaccine, destroyed the young life of one of the NFL’s rising young stars. So unable to sweep the “postponed” game under the rug, a parade of medical doctors hit YouTube—where real science and debate are banned—and other social media outlets to tell the world that an event, which never had happened in the league’s 100-year history, took place on the big stage of a nationally televised game.

The doctors’ banal and inaccurate observations about the football injury on a routine play with limited contact at half speed ran counter to what NFL announcers Troy Aikman, Kurt Warner, and Booger McFarland—all league players—said in a stone-cold sober manner: “I have never seen this happen on a football field before.”

They actually implied that they had never seen a cardiac arrest in a young fit athlete at any level of football. Pee Wee. High school. College. And the pros. Unprecedented is the understatement of the year.

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