Snowden and Controlled Opposition, by Mr. E

Many people regard Edward Snowden as a hero, and SLL will regard him as such until its proven otherwise. However, the author makes some disturbing points which raise the possibility that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be. From Mr. E at

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For nearly ten years, the US government has been legally enabled to disseminate misinformation and propaganda domestically. They’ve been doing it for centuries internationally, and of late this criminal organization has taken a very clear stance that its own population is now its greatest enemy.

Of course, this has been going on illegally for much longer. If we define misinformation as the telling of half-truths or outright lies to the public, then we’ve just accurately characterized what every politician, bureaucrat and military officer who ever appeared in the mass media does.

Shortly after the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987 were neutralized, a savior appeared. Risking life and limb, a former CIA and NSA technical contractor leaked classified materials giving Americans an updated look at just how pervasive the US surveillance state had gotten. I say ‘updated’ because, to most in the know, it was no surprise at all. It’s been common knowledge since before the days of Echelon that mass domestic electronic spying (“Sigint”) was going on.

Snowden was paraded around the world by mainstream media outlets to tell his story. He set up a Twitter account to continue his revelations and further cultivate his image. Not one, but two films (fiction and non-fiction alike) were produced. He even published a book to explain why he did it. All the while Senators, Congressmen and intelligence officials would call for his head – but for some reason seemed powerless to do anything about this one, lone man. How can that be so? The US government has clearly demonstrated it has no problem murdering American citizens and their children, without due process of law, for far less, wherever they may be.

And therein lay the problem.

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3 responses to “Snowden and Controlled Opposition, by Mr. E

  1. Bob:

    I have been asked by several friends what I “make” of the Twitter revelations exposed my Musk? Well, in addition to the obvious growth and “evil” increasingly practiced by various tentacles of what is loosely described as the “Deep State,” I would summarize them as recently described by Matt Taibbi.

    “At the moment, all we can do is show a few pieces of what we think might be a larger story. I believe the broader picture will eventually describe a company that was directly or indirectly blamed for allowing Donald Trump to get elected, and whose subjugation and takeover by a furious combination of politicians, enforcement officials, and media, became a priority as soon as Trump took office.”

    Which brings me to Trump. The unprecedented and “psychotic” reaction by virtually all segments of the Establishment to Trump’s emergence as a “successful” politician, can properly be described as frantic fanaticism! Relative to what a growing body of evidence suggests – evidence indicating what has happened along the corridors of power within Leviathan, it has now been shown to have reached the point where anything now seems possible! On the other hand…………..

    One of the reasons I tend to view “conspiracy” as an explanation of LAST resort, is that once one has made one’s mental case for it, it tends to become the explanation of FIRST resort!

    If I could ask Trump one question, it would be this: Why did you decide to NOT pardon Snowden? I would likely include Assange as well, though my judgement of his character is one of great ambivalence. Would he forthrightly answer? Would Snowden or Assange when subsequently questioned?

    Using an observation from my upcoming book: “The dark passage, exiting the citadel of liberty into the dungeon of tyranny, passes through the alluring door marked “secrecy.”



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