Obedience Culture, by Eric Peters

At best the obedient are boring, at worst they become the tyrants they once obeyed. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

When did Americans become so  . . . obedient? That is easy to answer. It became so when they became so reflexively fearful. Of everything. Of anything.

That happened a little more than 20 years ago.

They were told to freeze in place – some may remember this – and they did. And so it came naturally when they were told to stand six feet apart. They just did it.

They were told to spread their legs. Having done that, putting on a “mask” came naturally enough, when they were told to do that, too.

They were told the “threat” was “elevated.”

The cases! The cases! 

Panic became the new American drug. Obedience, its hangover. The drug was pushed from the top down by the man who was president – just barely – when (supposedly) a handful of disgruntled Saudis flew commercial jets into American landmarks, one of which pancaked straight down into its own footprint after not being struck by a commercial jet. Americans were told by George W. Bush, squinty-eyed and finger pointing, to be very afraid – of everything. Of everyone. That to not be afraid was a kind of affirmation of “evil-doing.”

“You are either with us or with the terrorists,” he said.

“We are all in this together,” Americans said – a generation later, as they terrorized one another.

One doesn’t hear much about “Islamic terrorism” anymore. Probably because the “enemies of freedom,” as Bush styled them, won. Their squinty-eyed leader now comfortably retired to his ranch in Texas where he occupies his latter days painting luridly, disjointedly – in the John Wayne Gacy style.

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