Top Ukrainian & Former US Officials Are Panicking That $100 Billion In Aid Isn’t Enough, by Andrew Koryobko

What’s the Big Guy’s cut? From Andrew Koryobko at

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov and Ambassador to the UK Vadim Prystaiko tried guilting NATO into sending more arms by emphasizing Ukraine’s status as that group’s proxy in the hopes of swaying popular Western perceptions to its side, while the second-mentioned also contributed to former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s fearmongering that the failure to do so would leave Russia in control of extremely strategic territory. All four top officials shattered prior narratives by either admitting Ukraine’s proxy role and/or acknowledging the success of Russia’s special operation thus far.

Zelensky’s trip to DC last month wasn’t the success that the US-led West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) spun it as being as evidenced by the panic that’s since taken hold of top Ukrainian and former US officials. They’ve begun an information warfare offensive alleging that the approximately $100 billion in American aid that Kiev’s received thus far supposedly isn’t enough to completely dislodge Russia from that former Soviet Republic’s pre-2014 borders, let alone defend against any forthcoming offensives.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov told national TV last week (video here, news item here, analysis here) that “Today, Ukraine is addressing [the] threat (of Russia). We’re carrying out NATO’s mission today, without shedding their blood. We shed our blood, so we expect them to provide weapons.” This was followed up by Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK Vadim Prystaiko telling Newsweek something similar in spirit shortly thereafter.

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One response to “Top Ukrainian & Former US Officials Are Panicking That $100 Billion In Aid Isn’t Enough, by Andrew Koryobko

  1. I think we’re going to need a bigger printing press.
    The taxable unit serf peasants can get multiple jobs and taxes can go up exponentially to take care of the 51st state.
    Grocery shopping can be like going to Macy’s or Neiman-Marcus because we’re all in this together.


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