The Last Meaningful Election, by William Gudal

The One Party reigns supreme. From SLL contributor William Gudal:

The 2022 Mid Term Election has all the appearances of being America’s final election. The 2022 elections made one thing clear: the United States is now a one-party country and absent a zeitgeist event will stay that way. It was impossible for the Republican Party to lose the 2022 Congressional elections, but lose they did. There existed more public dissatisfaction with the status quo than at any time since the Great Depression yet what does the electorate do? In collective Stockholm Syndrome absurdity they return to office the exact politicians they blamed for their misery.

The Republican leadership totally failed to capitalize. They lost the Senate and ended with a pitifully slim majority in the House. The larger interests that control all Washington decision making have achieved their long sought goal and have now completely eliminated any meaningful opposition. It is far easier to control one party rather than have to contend with the messiness of two parties. The inept Republicans will play their assigned role perfectly: create the appearance of opposition. Perhaps the suddenly thinkable next final step will be to drop the pretense and eliminate the silliness of any opposition, as in the Chinese model.

A recent internet election analysis suggested that the 2022 results make the 2024 election even more important for the Republicans. What a totally hilarious hoot!! To the Republicans elections are like a greyhound dog race where the rabbit is always just ahead of them. You have to wonder why the leaders at Republican Party National Headquarters in Washington have even the slightest desire to carry on. I guess the gig pays for college tuitions and dental bills. With only the slimmest Republican majority in the House, don’t look for any change in the Washington status quo or the policies of the federal government. Other than optic sound bites and posturing it will be shocking if there are any meaningful investigations into anything. The irony of course is that there has never been a greater opportunity, through explosive Congressional investigations, to expose the special interests and corruption that have controlled our government for so long. Unfortunately, it comes at the end of the line, at the time when the Republican Party has been defanged and its claws removed. The fact that 216 House members voted to install McCarthy, a Democratic party clone, as Speaker of the House confirms the reality that the two party system is a lost remnant of history.

The 2022 Republican implosion is attributable to a number of factors. Outright fraud, a rerun of the massive fraud from 2020, is the most significant contributor. When the Republican Party failed to meaningfully expose and challenge the fraud of the 2020 election, significant numbers of voters surrendered to the inevitability of never ending fraud, and asked what’s the point in voting. Trump’s continuing presence in the Republican Party conversation defies belief, and was another significant factor. It is truly astounding that Republican leaders have not already shown Trump the door and begun to coalesce around and promote several of the many attractive and realistic 2024 Presidential candidates.

With de facto one party government it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the United States from totalitarian dictatorships. Huxley and Orwell clearly told you this was coming; V is for Vendetta, complete with Chancellor Sutler and the new Norsefire Party. Dissent is quashed quickly and efficiently. There are no alternatives. The WEF’s 2030 white paper agenda advances. “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” The last remaining party is now free to help implement the WEF’s goal of one world currency and one world government.

There is no reason to expect different results in 2024. The massive election frauds of 2020 and 2022 remain unchallenged in any meaningful way. The courts have been cowed into frightened submission and have totally and completely ignored pleas for investigation. All important media has been captured by the One Party. There is one real solution.  Now that elections are meaningless the only option is to not vote at all. The 2024 presidential and congressional elections must be protested by a massive voter strike where half the population boycotts the polls, taking 80,000,000 million votes out of the fraudulent con. In the best of non-violent protest movements, call it Boycott 2024. The intention is to create an unmistakable shock to the status quo that cannot be ignored. What other options exist?

3 responses to “The Last Meaningful Election, by William Gudal

  1. Living In The Future

    “Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ― George Orwell


  2. Excellent article. I hope youre wrong. Sharon Kaplan


  3. Excellent article. I sure hope youre wrong. Sharon


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