What Happened to “Alternatives”? By Eric Peters

There’s no end to the alternative automotive technologies that could be invented and marketed if the entire industry wasn’t being pushed down the electric cattle chute. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It’s interesting that one rarely hears about “alternative” fuels now that we are being herded into having no alternative  . . . to “electrification.” This tells us that the point of the thing was always the elimination of alternatives.

Every rent-seeking business desires exactly that.

Recall the words of John D. Rockefeller, who infamously said that “competition is a sin.” The government agrees. It is why the government does not allow it – as regards itself. There is no alternative to it. One size-force-fits all. Corporations – which are creatures of the government that have come to own the government – like that very much as well. It is why they are “all in” on “electrification” – and the elimination of alternatives to it. For they control and profit from it.

What do you suppose it will cost to buy an EV when there is no alternative to buying (and using) EVs? How much do you suppose electricity – to feed the EV and to heat your dinner and your home – will cost when there is no alternative “fuel” available to apply cost/convenience pressure?

The intention – the final goal – ought by now to be as obvious as the intention (and final goal) as regards “masks” and those drugs they’ve been pushing as the sole alternative, too.

If you need more clarity consider the way alternatives such as hybrids and high-efficiency diesels have gone from being cheered and promoted to pariahs (in the case of diesels) and dismissed (in the case of hybrids). How much have you heard, for instance, about the just-redesigned Toyota Prius? As opposed to how much you have been hearing the latest six-figure EV like the GM Hummer or Tesla’s Cybertruck?

The new Prius averages close to 60 MPG and can probably reach that if driven gently. It can go 600-plus miles in between fill-ups and it can be filled up in about three minutes since its tank holds just 11 gallons of gas.

Its base price is also just $27,450 – or about $20k less than a base model Tesla3.

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