Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat, by The Saker

The U.S. has no real strategy in Ukraine. From The Saker at thesaker.is:

The title of this article is a quote by the famous Chinese general, strategist, philosopher, and writer Sun Tzu who lived 2500 years ago.  And while it is true that warfare has dramatically changed over the past millennia (for example, operational art was added as an intermediate level between tactics and strategy), the fundamental logic of Sun Tzu still applies.  To grossly oversimplify this issue, you could say that tactics are the means towards an end which has to be defined and the definition of that end goal is strategy.  Again, this is ridiculously oversimplified, but for our purposes that is good enough.

The above is highly pertinent to the situation in the Ukraine.  But first, a crucial reminder: the Ukrainian military was pretty much destroyed in the first month of the war. Both Andrei Martyanov and myself have written about this many times, but if you want to hear that from another source, I recommend this article by Big Serge on Substack (a good website which I recommend to all).  Or listen to the Macgregor videos.  And there are plenty more out there (Moon of Alabama is another good one).

During that first month of the war, the West was so busy trying to present the Russian incursion towards Gostmel as both:

  • A major Russian defeat and
  • A major Russian massacre of civilians

that the western media was focusing on that nonesense, while what was completely lost in this propaganda war was the destruction of the Ukronazi armed forces.

The Ukronazis, however, understood what was happening and agreed to negotiations.  As we all know, the AngloZionists sent Bojo to Kiev to stop what looked like an imminent end to the war.

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