The Abolition of Man Amid the Consequences of Reality, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Reality always wins. From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

Woke ideology is doomed to fail because its foundational premises are not grounded in reality. Or, more specifically, “wokeness” is rooted in human emotionalism as opposed to truth.  Such applied moral irrationality has also been identified as relativism or subjectivism.

In truth, the Woke Religion is merely one leg of the three-legged stool upon which the central planners behind The Great Reset are currently enthroning themselves.  The other two legs underpinning the proposed New World Order are economic and political. Although all three legs of world control are manifesting by means of relativism, or subjectivism, these manifestations are not occurring through random chance.  On the contrary, Hegelian / Marxist Luciferian dialectics are being strategically applied toward the consolidation of global power: solve et coagula vis-à-vis ordo ab chao.  Dissolution and coagulation are occurring now so that chaos concludes in the form of controlled order.

The negation of truth allows the Luciferian puppet-masters, and their puppets, to do as thou wilt – and by means of modern technology, they are operating beyond the construct of moral realism that has previously constrained, and ultimately conquered, various tyrants throughout history.  Hence, the Religion of Wokeness has been conjured to psychologically manipulate humanity into accepting the new economic and political system that is now manifesting through medical tyranny, war, and the Climate Agenda.


One response to “The Abolition of Man Amid the Consequences of Reality, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

  1. Favela Cargo Cult

    “Republics never survive, for their people do not like freedom but prefer to be led and guided and flattered and seduced into slavery by a benevolent, or not so, benevolent despot. They want to worship Caesar. So, American republicanism will inevitably die and become a democracy, and then decline, as Aristotle said into a despotism.”

    Taylor Caldwell, quote from Captains and the Kings


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