The Campaign Speech that Brandon Should Have Given, by Thomas DiLorenzo

If Biden had told the truth during the 2020 campaign, he would have lost by even more. From Thomas DiLorenzo at

As everyone knows, Brandon never did campaign for president in 2020. Hiding behind the fraudulent façade of covid hysteria, the Demo-Bolshevik party bigwigs saw to it that he was hermetically sealed up in one of his mansions.  His only public appearances were choreographed speeches in parking lots attended by a few dozen paid Demo-Bolshevik party hacks who were instructed to wear masks, remain in their cars, and honk their horns after every sentence.  This was their answer to Trump’s gigantic rallies attended by 70,000 or more everywhere he went.  The fix was in, as senile Brandon himself admitted publicly in a speech in which he referred to unprecedented vote fraud that was in the works, so why bother?

Imagine now if someone had slipped truth serum into one of Brandon’s beloved ice cream cones just before one of his two or three campaign speeches.  What do you imagine he would have said?  Here’s my two cents:

“My fellow Americans, If I am elected president we will do everything we can to strangle the energy industries to death.  Energy is the lifeblood of American capitalism and therefore must be eradicated if we are to Build Back Better with a totalitarian, pervasively governmentally-controlled, regimented, and planned socialist society.  We will shut down as many oil and gas pipelines as possible to begin with.  Our goal is to drive energy prices through the roof to get you out of your cars and into government-run buses and trains.  Or better yet, on bicycles (like my friend, Howdy Doody look-alike Pete Buttigieg) or on foot.  Our ultimate goal is to ban gas-powered cars first, and then all cars, even the electric ones.  It takes a lot of planet-destroying fossil fuels to electrify those electric cars, and a lot of earth-plundering lithium mining to manufacture those batteries.  All bad for Mother Earth, and should therefore be abolished once and for all.

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