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Follow the Science to Treatment, by Nancy Murdoch

Why do scantily tested vaccines get all the publicity and official approval while tried and true remedies used successfully by doctors to treat Covid-19 are ignored or actively discouraged. From Nancy Murdoch, a regular SLL reader who is also a good writer:

Early in 2020 a group of frontline doctors talked about how they had successfully used Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an early treatment for the Covid-19 virus. Hydroxychloroquine is a safe, inexpensive anti-malarial drug that has been around for years and had been effective against the first SARS outbreak almost 20 years ago.  In many countries it can be bought without a prescription.  Unfortunately, President Trump mentioned the same medication, and for political or other nefarious reasons, the FDA removed Hydroxychloroquine from the market and forbade its use by doctors.  The CDC said there were no approved drugs to treat Covid-19, and consequently those same doctors that were trying to help patients with Covid-19 were vilified and some lost their jobs.  And more people died.

Dr. Pierre Kory testified before Congress in December 2020 about how he had successfully used Ivermectin to treat his patients, and that it had been widely used by doctors in South America with excellent results.  The YouTube video of his testimony has been censored, and the media immediately pounced upon Ivermectin as if it were pure snake oil.  Dr. Fauci regarded it with disdain.    And more people died.

Meanwhile in Texas, Dr. Richard Bartlett had been using budesonide, a common drug used in treating asthma, with amazing results.  His YouTube video about inhalation suspension therapy using the drug has been censored, and his efforts to notify Senator Ted Cruz about his success got short shrift.  In fact, he made a video of his phone call with Senator Cruz’ legislative assistant, showing his frustration, and how his Senator’s office used spin to deflect Dr. Bartlett’s impassioned attempt to get out the word about his success with budesonide.  Dr. Bartlett cited over 50 studies that backed up his theory, but his words fell on deaf ears.  And more people died.

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