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Is Merkel’s End Right Around the Corner? by Tom Luongo

The “ultimate political cockroach” may have met her can of Raid: immigration. From Tom Luongo at strategic-culture.org:

Last year after the German elections I penned a piece saying, “The End of The Merkel is Nigh.” Merkel’s early failures at putting a coalition together drove that conclusion.

Back then I pegged CSU leader and former Governor of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, as the pivotal figure in potentially seeing Germans go back to the polls if he stood up to Merkel.

But, ultimately, if Merkel’s CDU/CSU coalition party is to stay together, and there’s no guarantee of that anymore, it will have to dump Merkel herself if it wants to survive as a voting bloc.

Moreover, the CSU, led by Bavarian Governor Horst Seehofer, could break off from the CDU making any kind of coalition building impossible without a re-vote.

Seehofer eventually agreed to a deal with the Social Democrats, granting him the power of Interior Minister. This gives him control over immigration policy. The same power that Lega leader Matteo Salvini is now wielding against Merkel with almost gleeful abandon on behalf of Italians.

So, it is no surprise to me that Seehofer is leading the charge against Merkel’s continued insistence, at the behest of her globalist backers, of forced immigration for the EU and Germany, despite a clear mandate from voters to the contrary.

The knives are coming out in Germany against Merkel and it is only the pro-EU Social Democrats who are coming to her defense. But, their relationship with Merkel is what has them in the depressed position they are. German voters roundly rejected the SPD in 2017, including in their normal stronghold of Rhineland-Westphalia, as they saw Merkel’s EU ambitions and ties to the U.S. as a betrayal.

Everywhere across Germany citizens are angry about Merkel’s letting more than one million people into the country with no desire to integrate into German society. Crime is up, budgets are strained and communities are being uprooted.

This is for Merkel’s need to be seen as a benevolent dictator over the EU after she shook down Greece, mafia-style, over debt relief in 2015.

Merkel-ism Stands for Power

Merkel’s losses have been Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) gain. In fact, all the minor parties have benefited. And the problem now is there is no clear support for any party nationwide.

A weakened SPD leadership initially rejected another grand coalition to salvage its reputation with voters and rebuild the party. But it eventually caved to the reality of it being the only way for Merkel to form a government.

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Merkel’s New Interior Minister: “Islam Does Not Belong To Germany”, by Tyler Durden

Angela Merkel has lasted as long as she has as Germany’s Chancellor because she knows how to pick up on winning themes and drop losing ones. Unlimited Islamic migration to Germany is a loser, and although she was its biggest proponent, she’s moving away from it. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

In a startling confirmation of the rising power of Germany’s populist movement, on Friday Germany’s new Interior Minister Horst Seehofer declared that “Islam does not belong to Germany” while setting out hardline immigration policies in an interview published on Friday, in an attempt to ward off rising anti-immigration challengers.

“Islam does not belong to Germany,” Seehofer said, contradicting former German president Christian Wulff who fueled a debate over immigration in 2010 by saying Islam was part of Germany. In 2015 Merkel echoed Wulff’s words at a time when anti-immigration campaign group PEGIDA – or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West – was holding marches.


Horst Seehofer

Closing the book on Merkel’s disastrous “open door” policies, Seehofer told Bild he would push through a “master plan for quicker deportations”, in his first major interview since he was sworn into office on Wednesday.

The minister – a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CSU Bavarian allies who are further to the right than her own Christian Democrats – said he would also classify more states as “safe” countries of origin, which would make it easier to deport failed asylum seekers. The statements – an obvious attempt to court populist voters – come after Merkel’s conservatives, and their coalition allies – the Social Democrats – lost ground to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in elections last year.

As Reuters notes, Seehofer is particularly keen to show his party is tackling immigration ahead of Bavaria’s October regional election, when the AfD is expected to enter that state assembly.

“Of course the Muslims living here do belong to Germany,” Seehofer said before going on to say Germany should not give up its own traditions or customs, which had Christianity at their heart.

“My message is: Muslims need to live with us, not next to us or against us,” he said.

According to the German government, between 4.4 and 4.7 million Muslims live in Germany today; most have a Turkish background and many of the more than a million migrants who have arrived in the country from the Middle East and elsewhere after Merkel adopted an open-door policy in mid-2015 are also Muslims.

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