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Twitter suspends small business advocacy group that called for regulating Big Tech as utilities, by Sophie Mann

It was obviously a case of hate speech and Twitter was completely justified. From Sophie Mann at justthenews.com:

The Job Creators Network is a nonpartisan organization that advocates for the Americans that rely on the success of small business

(Nikolas Joao Kokovlis/SOPA Images)

Twitter has suspended the account of the Job Creators Network, a nonpartisan group that advocates for small businesses and policies that protect Main Street jobs.

According to the group, the social media giant sent them a message late last week saying JCN had violated Twitter’s “rules against platform manipulation and spam.”

Company President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz rejects that claim, saying the deplatforming effort is retaliation against JCN for implying that Twitter should be regulated as a utility.

“Twitter has silenced JCN and the 30 million small business owners it represents after JCN implied that the tech giant should be regulated as a utility,” Ortiz said in a statement. “Given that JCN’s internal review demonstrates we did not violate Twitter’s terms and conditions, the tech giant’s bold move is likely pure retaliation against us for our position on tech regulations.”

Twitter on Monday did not respond immediately to several attempts to contact the company to learn why JCN, which advocates for lower taxes and progressive policies, had been removed from the site.


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