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The Consequences of Selections, by Eric Peters

Bad choices make for bad consequences. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Selections have consequences – again.

You may have noticed how much more you’re paying at the pump now that Orange Man is gone. For most of the country, it’s about 50 cents per gallon more – with more to come. This has increased the cost of life for most Americans by more than the $600 “stimulus” check they got last year – and will likely end up costing them much more over the next four years than the $1,400 many are supposed to get this year.

You may soon notice how much more you’ll be paying for every mile you drive.

The Orange Man’s replacement has just floated this idea through his new Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg – who has long favored this idea. Probably because he won’t have to pay it, since the taxpayers are forced to pay for it – for him.

Also probably because it’s much more than just another tax. It’s also a way to keep track of your movements.

Not just how far – but where and when.

The tax, if it comes to pass, would almost certainly be implemented electronically – via connected car technology, which almost all new cars and almost all cars sold since around 2010 already have. The same convenience technology used to find you the nearest gas station can also be used to find you, very conveniently.

The odometer reading would be read by communicating with the computer, which stores the data. Long-gone are the says of analog odometers that were purely mechanical things that had to be read in person, as when you took your car in for an oil change. And the data regarding miles driven isn’t kept in some isolated cubbyhole of the computer’s memory banks. It is stored along with the rest of the car’s data, which means whoever has access to the some data has access to all of the data.

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The Commuter (and Privacy and Other Things) Tax, by Eric Peters

The government wants to know where you are…especially when you’re in your car. From Eric Peters at theburningplatform.com:

If you don’t wan’t your dog to run away, you leash him. The government doesn’t want you to run away, either – but has a different kind of leash in mind.

The commuter tax.

It’s called the mileage tax but like so many things being pushed down our throats the term used doesn’t describe what’s actually meant.

What’s described by proponents such as Rep. Peter DeFazio, a liberal Democrat from Oregon who unfortunately chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is a merely modern replacement for the gas tax.

But what’s meant is a tax on driving – and the distinction is critical to grok.

When you buy gas, part of what you’re paying is tax, about 50 cents or so in federal and state taxes, folded into the price. But where – and how far – you go aren’t taxed.

The commuter tax (and DeFazio wants a federal commuter tax) will tax them both – punishing you for distance – which means punishing commuters and others who need to drive more rather than less to get to and from their place of employment.

As well as just driving, period.

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