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Calm Down and Think Strategically, by Freed Radical

Collapse may be insurrectionists’ best friend. From Freed Radical at theburningplatform.com:

KEEP CALM AND THINK STRATEGICALLY - Keep Calm and Posters Generator, Maker  For Free - KeepCalmAndPosters.com

Since the corrupt election and recent Congressional clown show, some of my friends are about to explode. If using too much bold text and exclamation points in emails were a crime, a collaborator would have turned them in already. Yes, the election was stolen. Yes, Joe Biden is a puppet, and we don’t know exactly who’s pulling his strings. Yes, Kommie Harris hates America, along with the rest of the Democrats. Yes, the Republicans are spineless, gutless, feckless idiots. And yes, the entirety of government, not just in America, has only one goal, to perpetuate and grow government.

This mess we are in continues to expand exponentially, where tens of millions of people want the government to take care of them cradle to grave, and 100 million others simply do not care as long as they can post pictures of their nakedness to social media. Openly avowed communists run the universities. PhD’s are paid by the government to support whatever thesis will get them a grant. Science whores itself out to hoaxers. People look in the mirror and do not know what gender they are. Socialist philosophy is entrenched so deeply in public schools that our children graduate as idiots, counting on their fingers, not able to write a coherent paragraph.

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