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Western Response to Ukraine Conflict Exposes Deep-Seated Anti-Russia Prejudice, by Robert Bridge

The Russian idea of peace did not include the U.S. and NATO, and their weaponry, on its doorstep in Ukraine. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

The West wants to lecture Russia on the merits of peace, yet that is exactly what Moscow was attempting to achieve for many years.

For many decades, every American public institution – from the spook-infested studios of Hollywood to the dinosaur legacy media – presented a tired and repugnant image of the Russian people to its audiences. Now, with Moscow forced to contend with a neo-Nazi element smack on its border, the by-product of that sinister propaganda campaign is targeting Russians in the form of pure racism.

If the Western world’s contempt for Russia could somehow be converted into reusable fuel, the Western world would have enough oil and gas reserves to last the next 1,000 years and probably much longer. But alas, the world of science and technology has not yet found a way of tapping into human irrationality for any strictly practical purposes, thus we’re just left with crude displays of xenophobia in some of the most unexpected places.

This week, for example, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra fired famed Russian conductor, Valery Gergiev for not denouncing Moscow’s special operation in Ukraine. Gergiev, 68, a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin, had previously expressed his approval of Crimea becoming part of the Russian Federation. And while Germany’s cultural elite are free to hire and fire whoever they like, and for whatever political views they deem inappropriate, it would be good to see some consistency on such matters. When U.S.-led NATO forces unleashed hell on Iraq in 2003 and in Libya in 2011, for example, were any American or European composers sacked because of their views and place of birth? In fact, cheering on Western forces during their long run of illicit warmongering, in hardscrabble places like Iraq, Syria and Libya, would have done nothing to hurt a person’s career and more than likely advance it.

On the other end of the cultural spectrum, in the realm of sport, Russian and Belarusian athletes were banned from competing in the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games due to the military conflict in Ukraine. Again, where is the precedent for this noxious form of discrimination, where competitors are outright banned solely for the ‘crime’ of being born in a particular country? And let’s not forget, as much as the mainstream media would like us to, that Russia was not the only nation that found itself engaged in a military operation at this period in time.

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