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What If San Francisco Does Not Recover? By Rich Cibotti

Stupidity can destroy great cities such that they never come back. From Rich Cibotti at The Epoch Times via zerohedge.com:

San Francisco looks worse now than I’ve ever seen it. Like any major city, San Francisco had bad areas before 2020 – those rough areas you knew to avoid – but you could go anywhere else, basically unmolested. Today is something entirely different.

The streets are dirty. Homeless encampments, trash, and excrement can be found all over. Car break-ins are so frequent that it has basically become a non-government-imposed tax for people who come here. Of course, some areas are much worse than others, but almost all areas of the city suffer from this decay, and it is appalling.

Every year, the city seems to find new ways to dig deeper and deeper toward ruin. But what happens to San Francisco if it really does not recover? What if the financial woes, homeless encampments, rising crime, and dwindling police force are the new normal for this once great city?

Whether or not politicians want to admit it, San Francisco is in a very precarious situation. Big Tech is gone, and it’s not coming back. Of course, some companies will keep a building here or there, but tech has realized they can work anywhere. Why would anyone want to put up with onerous San Francisco regulations and taxes? Once you pay this high cost of entry, you still must deal with squalid conditions just to get to work. Instead, why not stay in your pajamas with a nice shirt or top on and fire up the Wi-Fi at home?

The pandemic caused many offices to transition into working from home or some form of hybrid model. Now that many companies and their workers realize working from home can be effective, why wouldn’t these companies keep it permanently? Why continue to pay a premium for San Francisco office space?

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