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With Biden’s Support, Saudi Arabia Escalates Its War of Aggression in Yemen, by Daniel Larison

The plight of the Yemenis gets almost zero press, but they are under attack from Saudi Arabia, a regime far more repressive and brutal than Russia’s (I don’t recall reading anything about mass executions, dozens at a time, in Russia). Oh, that’s right, Saudi Arabia is an U.S. ally, and is thus a beneficiary of the U.S.’s yawning double standard. From Daniel Larison at antiwar.com:

The US-backed war on Yemen started seven years ago this week, and after all this time US policy is practically unchanged. The coalition bombing campaign has picked up again in recent months with 700 airstrikes in February alone, and according to the Yemen Data Project the bombing has been more intense during this period than at any point since 2018. 1,500 civilians have been killed or wounded in these attacks. Despite being far more destructive and killing many more people, including 91 people in a migrant detention center, these airstrikes have received no criticism from the US.

Instead of withholding military assistance from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as it should have done, the Biden administration has been rushing more jets, ships, and air defense interceptors to the governments that have been brutalizing the people of Yemen directly and through their armed proxies. The US also backed a one-sided UN Security Council resolution that named the Houthis as a terrorist group while ignoring the many atrocities committed by the coalition governments and their proxies. While the US condemns aggression in Ukraine, it continues to support it in Yemen.

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