Musktopia Here We Come! by James Howard Kunstler

Historians will look back and undoubtedly see Elon Musk as a symbol of our age. From James Howard Kunstler at

It ought to be sign of just how delusional the nation is these days that Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X is taken seriously. Musk continues to dangle his fantasy of travel to Mars before a country that can barely get its shit together on Planet Earth, and the Tesla car represents one of the main reasons for it — namely, that we’ll do anything to preserve, maintain, and defend our addiction to incessant and pointless motoring (and nothing to devise a saner living arrangement).

Even people with Ivy League educations believe that the electric car is a “solution” to our basic economic quandary, which is to keep all the accessories and furnishings of suburbia running at all costs in the face of problems with fossil fuels, especially climate change. First, understand how the Tesla car and electric motoring are bound up in our culture of virtue signaling, the main motivational feature of political correctness. Virtue signaling is a status acquisition racket. In this case, you get social brownie points for indicating that you’re on-board with “clean energy,” you’re “green,” “an environmentalist,” “Earth –friendly.” Ordinary schmoes can drive a Prius for their brownie points. But the Tesla driver gets all that and much more: the envy of the Prius drivers!

This is all horse shit, of course, because there’s nothing green or Earth-friendly about Tesla cars, or electric cars in general. Evidently, many Americans think these cars run on batteries. No they don’t. Not really. The battery is just a storage unit for electricity that comes from power plants that burn something, or from hydroelectric installations like Hoover Dam, with its problems of declining reservoir levels and aging re-bar concrete construction. A lot of what gets burned for electric power is coal. Connect the dots. Also consider the embedded energy that it takes to just manufacture the cars. That had to come from somewhere, too.

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One response to “Musktopia Here We Come! by James Howard Kunstler

  1. Future historians – provided, of course, that there are any not employed by the Ministry of Truth – also will look back and undoubtedly regard the present government crusades against CO2 emissions with the same incredulous disgust now attendant upon government eugenics programs. The former has arguably already caused (less visibly, but no less cruelly) at least as much death and misery as the latter, and will eventually cause much more unless eliminated. Not to mention that actual science – as opposed to politically corrupted pseudo-science – indicates that a catastrophic natural deficit of CO2 is a far – if not infinitely (that whole divide by zero thing) – greater risk than catastrophic anthropogenic excess of CO2.


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