The global elite are headed for a fall. And they don’t even know it. by Damon Linker

The elite may be no more cognizant of how they, and the system that has so richly rewarded them, are perceived than was King Louis XVI and his court. From Damon Linker at

The global elite think they’re sitting pretty. How wrong they are.

Democrats keep telling themselves that Hillary Clinton “really” won the 2016 election (or would have, had it not been for interference by Vladimir Putin and James Comey). Republicans keep patting themselves on the back about how much power they now wield at all levels of government. And centrists throughout the West are breathing a sigh of relief about Emmanuel Macron’s likely victory over the National Front’s Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election on May 7.

You can almost hear the sentiments echoing down the corridors of (political and economic) power on both sides of the Atlantic: “There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s fine. No need for serious soul searching or changes of direction. Sure, populism’s a nuisance. But we’re keeping it at bay. We just need to stay the course, fiddle around the edges a little bit, and certainly not give an inch to the racists and xenophobes who keep making trouble. We know how the world works, and we can handle the necessary fine tuning of the meritocracy. We got this.”

And why wouldn’t they think this way? They are themselves the greatest beneficiaries of the global meritocracy — and that very fact serves to validate its worth. They live in or near urban centers that are booming with jobs in tech, finance, media, and other fields that draw on the expertise they acquired in their educations at the greatest universities in the world. They work hard and are rewarded with high salaries, frequent travel, nice cars, and cutting-edge gadgets. It’s fun, anxious, thrilling — an intoxicating mix of brutal asceticism and ecstatic hedonism.

The problem is that growing numbers of people — here in America, in the U.K., in France, and beyond — don’t see it like this at all. Or rather, they only see it from the outside, a position from which it looks very different. What they see is a system that is fundamentally unjust, rigged, and shot through with corruption and self-dealing.

They see Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo, taking home a cool $186 million in stock (on top of many millions in additional salary and bonuses) for five years of “largely unsuccessful” work.

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14 responses to “The global elite are headed for a fall. And they don’t even know it. by Damon Linker

  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    Unless something fundamental changes, the gap separating these worlds will only increase, economically, culturally, and psychologically. Republicans show every sign of continuing to pursue policies that actively make the economic problems worse. Centrist Democrats, meanwhile, appear to be both unwilling to propose a sweeping critique of the outlook and policies that got us to this point in the first place and inclined to dismiss the populist anger building all around us as an expression of atavistic prejudice.

    This cannot last. At this rate, make no mistake: The global elite will fall.

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  2. Robert, the hyperlink works but unlike all others I experience on your blog, it opened in a new tab.


  3. I like him. He’s right about that one. Did you see his “city vs. country”?
    He’s almost right about that, too.


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    Their house of cards has just been crashed,
    Upon the anvil of justice their balls we have smashed,
    Their grandiose schemes have been rendered asunder,
    The great unwashed have corrected their blunder,
    Their dreams of utopia have just been dashed.

    Seeing the defeat that is forthcoming,
    These dog pecker gnats they be a humming,
    While the inmates of the asylum are in a circle jerking,
    The buzzards of retribution they be a circling,
    There will be a conclusion that will be stunning.

    Keynesian socialism has run it’s course,
    It’s time to dismount from this dying horse,
    The social engineers have had their kicks,
    Time to send them across the river styx,
    The republic needs to file for divorce.

    Obammer the munificent along with his political sluts,
    Are busy circling the wagons and covering their nuts,
    The rats are scurrying to leave their sinking ship,
    Their diminutive balls we will clip,clip,clip,
    may he experience the death of a thousand cuts.


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